SingleFlyer Top Posts of 2016

SingleFlyer Top Posts of 2016

2016 has been an exciting year.  I flew more miles than I have ever flown in a year before.  I tried out a number of aspirational flights like Cathay Pacific and Emirates First Class as well as a few long flights in the back of the plane.  New transportation options were introduced and my primary airline made some major changes.  Below are the top 10 posts I wrote in 2016 (based on page views).  You can read my top posts of all time here.

10. Cathay Pacific First Class Hong Kong to Los Angeles The definition of luxury, this post beat out my post on Emirates First Class by a small margin.

9. American Airlines A330 Business Class Dublin to Chicago Let’s just say one flight attendant made this a memorable experience.

8. American Airlines 787 Main Cabin Extra Los Angeles to Auckland Flying a new airplane is always enjoyable, especially when it isn’t even half full.

American Airlines 787-8 Main Cabin Extra LAX-AKL

7. Alaska Airlines Visa Flight Discount Bonus Offer A nice bonus offer for certain cardholders.

6. Alaska Airlines “fly nice” Ad Campaign Before “Different Works” was Alaska’s “fly nice” ad campaign that highlighted destinations served by Mileage Plan partner airlines.

5. American Express Hawks Island 2016 It was back for a second year, American Express offered their “floating Centurion Lounge” on Seattle’s waterfront for one day only.

4. Cathay Pacific First Class Bangkok to Hong Kong I am not sure why the shortest of my Cathay flights is the one that got the most hits.  Perhaps that is a more popular and less written about route?

3. Alaska Airlines going revenue based?  The travel blog world was sent into a tizzy over a copy error on a newspaper’s website.  Short answer: No, they are not.  And they don’t plan to any time soon.

2. Get 50,000 Alaska Miles with credit card sign up A lot of people like the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card because it comes with a 30,000 mile sign up offer.  But did you know there is a credit card that gets you 50,000 Alaska miles?

50,000 Alaska Miles with Credit Card Sign Up

1. M life Platinum Experience MGM Resorts International is notorious about reducing benefits to their elite members.  And when they add a benefit, it is difficult to access.  This post explained a “new” benefit system that many M life staff weren’t even aware of.

Bonus posts

The page views tend to skew towards those posts from early in the year (as they have been out there longer, more time for people to read them).  So here are a few recent posts that have been popular:

Zipcar or ReachNow to Seatac Airport With new car sharing options in Seattle, quicker and/or cheaper options to get to the airport have come on line.

ReachNow vs Car2Go: Car Sharing Part 2 Follow up to the post comparing Car2Go and Zipcar with new car share company ReachNow added to the mix.

ReachNow vs Car2Go

JetBlue #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match Possibly they best loyalty program promotion of 2016 netted me a huge amount of JetBlue points after one mileage run.

JetBlue Mileage Run

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Explained (Part 1, 2) Primer on (in my opinion) the best airline loyalty program out there.

Alaska + Virgin Merger Press Conference My coverage of the announcement of the purchase of Virgin America by Alaska Airlines held at SFO on December 14, 2016.


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