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How to Win Travel Contests

How to Win Travel Contests Over the years I have won some really great contests.  Amongst my friends it has become a joke: “How are you so lucky?”  Upon reflection, I am fairly confident that I do not possess some supernatural power.  Instead, I have some strategies that increase my likelihood of winning.  Today I… Read More »

SingleFlyer Turns 5!

SingleFlyer Turns 5! Five years ago I today purchased the domain “” as a place to share my travel experiences. Before starting my own website, I knew I wanted to focus on two things: Traveling solo Remaining independent I had experienced the freedom of solo travel and wanted to encourage others to try it out. … Read More »

Alaska Airlines + Starbucks Holiday Promotion

Alaska Airlines + Starbucks Holiday Promotion This year Alaska Airlines is launching a promotion with Starbucks to celebrate the start of the holiday season.  From November 7-10, 2019, anyone with a Starbucks holiday cup will receive priority boarding after Group B.  This is after First Class, Alaska Mileage Plan elite members, and Premium Class passengers. … Read More »