M life Platinum Experience

M life Platinum Experience


As of February 1, 2022, M life will become MGM Rewards and the Platinum Experience will be retired.


During my stay in September 2016 at Monte Carlo I asked at the VIP Lounge and was given this letter about my M life Platinum Experience benefit:

M life Platinum Experience
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On December 15, 2015, M life changed some of their benefits for Platinum members.  They no longer offer turn down service, but now offer the M life Platinum Experience.

If you are not an M life Platinum member, it is easy to match if you have status with Hyatt.

The M life website describes the Platinum Experience in this way:

The Platinum Experience is a new benefit reserved for Platinum and NOIR Members.  At check-in, these members receive a welcome letter, and a unique MGM Resorts experience, compliments of M life.

We’ve created the new M life Platinum Experience which allows Platinum and NOIR Members access to unique experiences on each and every M life hotel stay in Las Vegas.  

Hoping to test this new M life Platinum Experience out, I stayed at Aria the weekend of January 8-10.  I was not given a welcome letter at check in, so I reached out to M life on Twitter:

Unfortunately I received the response after I had checked out.  For missing my M life Platinum Experience, I was told I would receive 1,000 Tier Credits added to my account.

I reached out to my contact at M life to see if I could get a list of the M life Platinum Experience for each hotel but have not heard back from them.

M life Platinum Experience
Rumor is the M life Platinum Experience at Bellagio is an hour in the snow globe. I may have made that up.

M life needs to step up their game big time.  Recently it was reported that they are going to begin to charge for parking at their MGM Resort properties.  Resort fees are at an all time high.  Even with the great Hyatt partnership, I will think very seriously about staying some place other than an M life resort next time I am in Vegas.  Even if they get their M life Platinum Experience figured out.


I received the following information from an M life representative:

The Platinum Experience was created to recognize and reward our most loyal M life members.  In addition to their current benefits, both Platinum and NOIR Members will have the opportunity to enjoy world-class attractions at some of our premiere MGM Resorts International destinations.

Upon check-in, as part of their Platinum Experience, members who are staying at one of our M life resorts receive two (2) complimentary tickets to one (1) of the following attractions per trip:

    Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
    Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
    Big Apple Roller Coaster at New York New York
    Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage

There is no cap on the number of times Platinum and NOIR Members may visit the attractions in a year. They should receive a Platinum Experience letter on each trip as long as they are staying at one of our resorts. Also, to answer your question about if they have to go to the M life desk to get their experience, the answer is no. Platinum and NOIR members receive a property specific Platinum Experience Welcome Letter at check-in that they then present to the attraction of their choice to receive the 2 complimentary tickets.


Clearly they still need to work on training their front desk and M life staff to actually hand out the letters as seen from some of the comments below.

19 thoughts on “M life Platinum Experience”

  1. At the Monte Carlo, the experience was two free tickets to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay, two entrance passes to the Mirage tiger display or two tickets to the NYNY roller coaster. All were good options and a nice additional touch.

  2. Just to give another data point, I checked in to NYNY just last night. I got no Platinum welcome or letter. Nothing. However, I walked up to the regular check in, not the invited guest check in counter, so maybe the “regular” front desk staff is unaware.

    Still, it’s silly to have a benefit that isn’t really there. I’m going to Vdara later this week. If this happens again, I think I’ll take my Hilton diamond status and start staying at Elara instead.

    • Thanks for the data point. At Aria I checked in at the Invited Guest area; and no letter. Seems like it is really hit or miss; which seems to be M life properties service standards these days. More miss than hits.

      • Well, I have an update. Based on the tweet from Mlife that you posted above ^^^, I did go down to the Mlife desk and told them I had not received my “Platinum Experience” welcome gift at check in. The agents did some typing, then conferred for a second, then came back and bluntly said there is no such thing at NYNY. Furthermore, they then said I should get a host to take care of these things. IOW, buzz off Mr. Platinum.

        This is what I am paying a $35/night resort fee for?? Forget it. I am going to check out of NYNY this morning and I have cancelled my next Mlife stay and rebooked it for HGVC’s Elara instead.

        • Unfortunately this is more and more the experience I have had at M life properties.

          Side note; did you try using the “VIP Lounge”? I have found the staff there much more friendly (surprisingly NYNY has been the property I have found the most helpful desk staff.) The VIP Lounge is located to the right of the Bell Desk — you could ask there and see if they have any clue about the Platinum Experience.

          • Totally agree with you here Alan. I prefer Aria due to quality of rooms and restaurants, but the staff in the NYNY VIP lounge have been some of the best I’ve encountered when i have stayed there.

  3. Don’t plan on getting anything at the Vdara either – had a 3 night stay last week. Guy at the front desk didn’t have a clue – when I asked what Plat benefits they offered, he said we don’t really have anything like that – but if Hyatt perhaps we could offer what Hyatt offers you. They don’t have a real restaurant onsite, so no free breakfast.

    To avoid the eventual parking fees at MG properties, Let me suggest self parking at the Cosmo and walking the short distance to Vdara – there is a stairway (and elevator) when you exit Vdara to the left. The “free” valet (only) at Vdara effed up the front passenger side of my Avis rental and cost me $188. No my CSP Visa insurance wouldn’t pay since the Valet is considered an “unauthorized user”. <- WTF?

    Really the only benefit to the M-Life Plat status is cutting the line at certain restaurants and if you use Taxi's, cutting the Taxi lines.

    • I hope Vdara paid for the rental damage!

      It would be great if M life offered Hyatt Diamond benefits (free breakfast, points bonus) but I don’t think that we’ll see that any time soon.

  4. I had a similar experience. I am Platinum, and I got the letter when I stayed at Aria in Oct 2015. (Free entry to that art gallery at City Center.). When we stayed at Aria again in Jan 2016, no letter. No mention of any Platinum benefits. (And btw, although they say they have eliminated turn down service, I wouldn’t get it probably 4 out of 5 stays anyway. Mlife seems to over promise and under deliver on a lot of these things.)
    Do you, or does anyone, know what percent of their customers are Platinum or NOIR? I’ve heard that at any given time it’s maybe 3-5% of people at the hotel. They speak of us as their “most valued” but I sure don’t feel it.

    • Thanks Robert. Your comment is the first I have heard of the free entry to the City Center art gallery. Is it the one that you walk by between Aria and Mandarin Oriental?

      3-5% seems low for Platinum, but you could be right. Overall it doesn’t seem like they put any emphasis on treating their higher tier guests any better than Joe Guest off the street.

  5. Prior to this letter, Platinum members and above could hit all of those attractions with no limits. Meaning, you could do Shark Reef, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art & Secret Garden over a weekend stay. Now, it’s just one of those per trip. M Life/MGM perhaps saw too many of us doing so.

  6. I am not sure what to say. I stayed a week at the Luxor in a tower suite in 19th floor with view of strip. Upon check out I had ALMOST obtained platinum status. (I did a few hrs later). I had been there a week and was leaving the next morning. I went to mlife desk and asked about any comps. I had not been approached by a host and was sent a hostess. She was extremely apologetic about not having been assigned a host during my stay. She looked up my expenses which were about 1,500$ for my room, valet parking and some food and a spa day. She handed me back my card with a smile and said we took 100% care of your bill thank you for staying and let me know when you come back and I’ll upgrade you to a suite. So I’m not sure about an experience. I’m not sure if I’m crying over missing a roller coaster ride. I do however think of you get a host and make nice they return thier favors ten fold. Yes it was the Luxor. I have reasons I like this hotel. I play more than black jack and most of my games on a 25$ table limit would really be more like 75-100$ limits. That being said I like a good 5-10$ table limit lol.

  7. I was in Las Vegas last weekend with my friend who reached Platnium while playing. Her 3 night stay at Mandalay Bay was already comped, and at check out she asked what her room charges were, was told everything comped except tips and alcohol ($169) closed out her bill, checked out and Ubered to the airport. Next day she is charged $1040. All comps reversed.

  8. I have been a Platinum member for about 3 years now. Make a habit of staying at Aria (about 3 to 4 times a year). I have NEVER been offered a letter regarding the Platinum Experience at check-in. Only learned about it via word of mouth accidently. Never accumulate $1500. of room charges becuz wouldn’t expect they’d comp them anyway. I receive my offers via mail, so I’ve never even been assigned a host. Didn’t know platinum players were entitled to a host. Are they? Last year when I didn’t receive my rodeo tickets offer comp as for the previous 8 years as a Total Rewards diamond player, I asked a random Aria host about whether they have any offer like that. She promised she would return my call after checking on it. Never a return call from her. That leaves me thinking that Platinum players aren’t too much valued at Aria which is a shame because I LOVE staying there!!


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