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My name is Alan and welcome to SingleFlyer.  I have been an avid reader of various travel blogs over the past few years and have found that reading about others’ experiences has helped me appreciate my own travel.

Travel is not a new love; growing up the night before a trip was more exciting than the night before Christmas.  The discovery of new climates, sleeping in a hotel bed, and yes, even the joy of an airplane meal or mini bottles of shampoo.

Throughout high school and college I was fortunate enough to be able to travel domestically and internationally.  It became an addiction; I spent much of my time planning my next adventure.

A few years ago I had the urge but my usual companions were unavailable.  I decided to go it alone.  I had traveled alone before but it always scared me a bit.  Once I overcame my insecurity, I found flying solo had its own perks and could be just as enjoyable and enlightening.  I still love to travel with family and friends.  However, there is something freeing about packing a bag and leaving everything else behind.

Ready to jump in to solo travel?  Start with my list of useful tips.

These posts are my observations and tips for traveling solo and are for entertainment purposes only.  I am not an accountant, travel agent, or financial planner of any kind.  I am not offering professional advice.  If you make any decisions based on anything you read on this site, it is at your sole discretion and I am not liable.  I am not paid or otherwise compensated for any of my posts.  I do not receive any affiliate payments for credit card sign ups, hotel bookings, or product sales (except for the rare exception where it is explicitly noted).  SingleFlyer is independent.  You can read my blog trusting that my opinion has not been shaped or changed by any sort of compensation.   Any endorsements, explicit or implied, are only my opinion and should not be followed except at your sole discretion and risk.  

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