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SingleFlyer Turns 5!

SingleFlyer Turns 5! Five years ago I today purchased the domain “” as a place to share my travel experiences. Before starting my own website, I knew I wanted to focus on two things: Traveling solo Remaining independent I had experienced the freedom of solo travel and wanted to encourage others to try it out. … Read More »

SingleFlyer Turns 4!

SingleFlyer Turns 4! On November 9, 2014, I registered the domain “”.  The points and miles world was still relatively new to me, but I was finding ways to travel more and more.  I loved reading travel blogs to learn ways to travel smarter. Before starting my own website, I knew I wanted to focus… Read More »

Cheapoair Cancelation Fee

Cheapoair Cancelation Fee of $50/$75 I just had a costly mistake that I want to warn you all about.  All airlines operating to/from the USA have a grace period that allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking for no charge.  The rules do not apply to travel agents (such as Expedia or… Read More »