Wynn Rewards Status Match Double Dip

Wynn Rewards Status Match Double Dip

I just finished up a weekend in Las Vegas at the Encore at Wynn hotel.  I was able to combine two status matches that enabled me to enjoy the weekend with some perks I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to enjoy for free.

Status Match #1 – Caesars Diamond to Wynn Platinum

In summer 2021, Wynn Rewards, the new Wynn player loyalty program, allowed members to status match to their two elite statuses – Platinum and Black.  I was able to match my Caesars Rewards Diamond status, which I had from a Wyndham status match, to Wynn Rewards Platinum status.  For the Wynn status match promotion, you did NOT need to be a new member to Wynn — I had previously been a player under their old loyalty program.

There are two benefits of Wynn Rewards Platinum status that interested me for my trip.  The first is an annual $100 spa credit.  The second is a $150 restaurant credit during the month of your birthday.  Also during your birthday month you get a FreeCredit (for slot play) based on your previous year’s play.  Since I was new, my birthday FreeCredit was $10.

Status Match #2 – Caesars Diamond to Ocean Atlantic City Prime

In November 2021 I participated in the Caesars Millionaire Maker Slot Tournament in Atlantic City.  While there, I did a three part status match to Ocean Rewards Prime status at the Ocean Casino & Resort.

One of the benefits of Ocean Rewards Prime is two free nights at the Wynn Las Vegas along with a $50 dining credit.  It was easy to book (even for a busy weekend in Vegas).  I just called in to Wynn 1-866-770-7930 and let them know I was an Ocean Rewards Prime.  I decided to book at the Encore as they have slightly larger rooms (though Wynn is currently renovating their rooms).  Wynn and Encore are just the two towers of the same resort and you can choose either a room at Wynn or Encore.  I was told the offer is only good on a King bed room.

Weekend at the Wynn Encore

At check in I was given the option of paying an extra $40 a night to get upgraded to a higher floor with a better view (my room was on Floor 8 facing away from the Strip) but I declined and was content with my view.

I was also offered the option to waive the resort fee, which I did of course, but it meant that wifi wasn’t included and would be an additional $20 per day for the slowest speed.  I didn’t end up purchasing any wifi during my stay so the room was truly free for the two weekend nights.  I checked the price of rooms for the same weekend and the lowest I could find at Wynn/Encore was about $350/night (it was the weekend of the NFL Pro Bowl and NHL All Star game).  Read my room review here.

I was also told that I had the $50 dining credit and to just charge to my room and the $50 would be taken off.  I asked about the Platinum benefits and she said I would need to talk with the Wynn Rewards desk for those.

When I did talk with the Wynn Rewards desk, I was told that I should charge the spa treatment and dining to my room then return to the desk to have the credits applied.

I booked an 80 minute Good Luck Ritual massage that was $384 ($320 + $64 automatic gratuity).  The cheapest spa treatment is about $240 (after gratuity) so even with the $100 spa credit you are going to be paying $140.

I had dinner at Sinatra, a well reviewed restaurant at Encore.  There are a number of choices for dining at Wynn/Encore.  I ended up using almost exactly $150 on my dinner so I am not sure if you could spread it out over various meals or if it was a one shot deal like the Caesars Celebration Dinner.

My other meal at Wynn/Encore was breakfast the day of my departure that I ordered as room service.  A $9 delivery fee was added in addition to tax and a 18% gratuity.  My eggs and orange juice came to about $45 all in and was covered by my $50 credit.

The only other meal I had during my trip was brunch at The Peppermill which is a short walk from Encore; a fantastic diner and Vegas institution.

After my dinner and spa treatment, I returned to the Wynn Rewards desk and they took care of the credits.

When I checked out there was a little bit of a hiccup as they had applied my $50 dining credit to my meal at Sinatra prior to removing the $150 credit so I was charged for my room service.  After explaining my two separate credits, the front desk agent got it set right.  The only thing I ended up paying for was gratuity from my meal at Sinatra and the portion of my massage not covered by the spa credit.

Under $300 for two weekend nights at one of the top hotels in Vegas, massage, room service breakfast and a very high end dinner.  Overall a pretty successful couple of status match opportunities.

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