Wynn Rewards Birthday Dinner at Sinatra

Wynn Rewards Birthday Dinner at Sinatra

I rarely write posts about my meals; to be honest I don’t have a lot of fancy high end dinners.  However, I was able to get a $150 dinner during my birthday month as a Wynn Rewards Platinum elite, which I earned through a status match.  Las Vegas is known for some of the best restaurants in the country (if not world) and I am guessing that a few travel loyalty folks are interested in the benefits of Wynn Rewards elite status.

To get the credit, you just have to stop by the Wynn Rewards desk during your birthday month and have them activate it.  You then must return after your meal and have them remove the $150 from your folio.  Since I was staying at the property, I was able to do a room charge.  I’m not 100% sure how it would work if you weren’t staying at the hotel. My guess is that the restaurant itself could access the $150 credit after you activated it.

I decided to use my Wynn Rewards Birthday Dinner credit at Sinatra, one of Wynn’s top rated restaurants.  I booked in advance as I wanted to visit on a Saturday night and knew it would be busy.

Upon being seated, the hostess handed me a handwritten birthday card and thanked me for celebrating with them.

My waiter came by and explained the menu and took my drink order (Stranger in the Night; a citrus vodka martini).  He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and attentive.  Overall I would say it was the best serviced I had ever experienced in a restaurant.

After ordering, a basket of fresh bread was brought to my table.  Every dish, even the bread, was explained in great detail.

Next a complimentary amuse-bouche was delivered to my table, “compliments of the chef”.  It was prosciutto, pear, Parmesan crisp and balsamic.

I ordered the Panzanella di Granchio salad.  The dish consisted of king crab meat over tomato, cucumber, and croutons and was delicious even for someone that doesn’t typically order seafood.

For my main course I ordered the Pennette pasta with sausage tomato sauce and a side of asparagus.  The pasta was not made on site but was imported form Italy.  The sauce was fantastic.  The asparagus was not over cooked and served coated in butter.

For dessert I ordered the signature Cappello – a chocolate shell shaped like Sinatra’s fedora filled with chocolate mousse and a panna cotta made with Jack Daniels (and a birthday candle).

With the check I was served a tiny lemon macaron.

My total for the dinner, dessert, and two cocktails was $152 after tax (but before gratuity).  My $150 Wynn Rewards Birthday Dinner credit covered everything except the gratuity.

The Wynn Rewards Birthday Dinner benefit is offered to Platinum and Black elite members; even those that earned their status through a status match.  I was very satisfied with my decision to use the credit at Sinatra.

Have you used your Wynn Rewards Birthday Dinner?

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