Caesars Rewards Diamond Status – 2021 Update

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status – 2021 Update

Caesars Rewards is not what it used to be.  Caesars Entertainment was purchased by Eldorado and it seems that they are cutting costs left and right. In my opinion, they are making visiting Caesars Rewards properties a lot less pleasant and appealing.  Here are a few things that have changed.

If you want to understand Diamond Status, please read my original post (2018) here and the updated post (2020) here.  The following post explains the state of Diamond Status in 2021.

No Laurel Lounges

All Laurel Lounge locations in Las Vegas remain closed.  If you are a Diamond elite, you are out of luck.  Those with Diamond Plus (or above) can swipe their card at a kiosk and get four coupons each day for free beverages.  The coupons expire that day at 11:59pm.  Seven Star elites also get one $10 food coupon per day.

The list of locations where you can redeem the coupons is available here.

No Free Show Tickets

One of my favorite perks of Caesars Rewards Diamond status was the free show benefit.  Even as shows have reopened in Las Vegas at full capacity, the free show benefit has not returned.  I think it is unlikely that this benefit will ever return, but I hope to be proved wrong.

Instead they are offering free tickets to see the Real Bodies exhibit at Bally’s.  I also noticed when I logged in to the kiosk as a Diamond Plus I received an offer for two free High Roller tickets; however this isn’t a listed benefit for all Diamonds.

No Spa Access

Historically Caesar Diamond elites could get a spa day pass at a discount (or for free).  While anyone can book treatments, the facilities (hot tubs, steam rooms, sauna, etc) remain closed.

However there are still few benefits to having elite status:

$100 Celebration Dinner

One benefit that remains intact is the $100 annual Celebration Dinner.  The locations seem to be always changing, but I was able to find this list (current as of July, 2021).

No Resort Fees

Probably the best benefit of Caesars Rewards Diamond status is that you never have to pay resort fees.  These fees are often around $50 per night.  When I get comped nights at M life properties, I still have to pay this fee.  Not so at Caesars properties.

Other Perks

There are a few other minor perks such as free parking, priority lines, and some discounts.

Interested in other information about Caesars Rewards?  Check out my Caesars Rewards page with tips to help you make the most out of your next visit including how to easily get Diamond status, access to free shows and food, reviews of hotels and much more.

8 thoughts on “Caesars Rewards Diamond Status – 2021 Update”

    • I haven’t heard any updates. Unfortunately with the excuse of COVID + money saving measures from the purchase by El Dorado, I don’t see Diamond retaining much value going forward.

  1. Does Diamond Plus get the celebration dinner? It would make sense however its not checked off as a perk on the Caesars rewards website. I’m a diamond & just used my 2021 celebration dinner. Caesars told me I have another one coming up in 2022 however I’m close to being a Diamond Plus (with one more trip before 12/31). I don’t see much a benefit benefit betwn diamond & diamond plus. Diamond resort rates are crappy & I’ve heard Diamond plus are not much better. Your thoughts or input is greatly appreciated !

    • Yes, all Diamond levels get the $100 celebration dinner.

      The other benefit of Diamond Plus is that you get unlimited free entry to Laurel Lounges. Or, right now, 4 free drinks per day in Las Vegas.

  2. I am currently at Rio where they still haven’t transitioned new ownership. All Caesar’s elite support is gone and they refer Diamond visitors to the cage. The cashier told my husband last night that there is no 2021 Celebration dinner available in spite of us both receiving an email reminder to use it by 1/31/22. She even told him Celebration dinners ended already and don’t carry over and won’t return. Also, he asked for a list of vendors to redeem his 27k points to find the best value (.5 or x1 or x2).

    She photocopied a Seven Stars restaurant list page and said this was all they accept now as Diamond gets nothing. She valued his points at $167 which is less than half they were worth when Paris concierge pulled his account up 9/2021. Everything she said worried him as he took it as fact and felt the trip is a waste.

  3. So…I guess Diamond gets Diamond check in, celebration dinner (that did not carry over from 2021 to 1/31/22), no resort fees, and ? maybe get a shorter wait line at cashier and restaurants? And Diamond Plus gets all that plus 4 free drinks a day by getting tickets at kiosks?
    Hearing that pit bosses granting tier credits is really tight. My husbands and other players were grousing that they felt very short changed. They actually started timing their begin and end play and making sure it was correctly recorded.

  4. Why be diamond? They took all the fun out of it. Their properties are 3 star at best but you didn’t mind because diamond lounge access & free shows made it worth it.
    But who wants to stay at run down Rio? Forget about it Flamingo? Or Horrible Harrah’s? Bally’s? ( no words needed! ) Back when diamond was worth something I stayed at all of these 1…2…& 3 Star properties because of the diamond perks but now we are treated like diamond jerks


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