Wyndham Rewards Status Match

By | October 15, 2018

Wyndham Rewards Status Match

I am planning a trip to Australia to drive the Great Ocean Road next month.  Along the drive, there are very few chain hotels (and none of the big chains — Hyatt, Hilton, IHG or Marriott).  I am kind of excited as I rarely stay at a non-chain hotel.  I’m addicted to the points, it is a problem.

I was able to find a Wyndham property; the Wyndham Resort Torquay.  I have never stayed at a Wyndham but it looks nice enough and is only $116 a night.

When I visited the Wyndham Rewards website to learn more about their loyalty program, I noticed front and center was an offer for a status match.  A number of other chains upper status could be matched to Wyndham’s top level of Diamond.

The status match is good for 90 days but can be extended with 7 nights (Platinum) or 14 nights (Diamond) within those 90 days.  The benefits of status don’t look too exciting, but I decided to give it a go.

All you have to do is tell them what program you are matching from and the level.  Then you upload a photo of your membership card or a screen shot of your account.

I matched to IHG Platinum and within 24 hours my Wyndham status was updated to Diamond.

Wyndham Rewards Status Match to Total Caesars Rewards

Things got interesting when I realized you could then status match your Wyndham Rewards status to Total Rewards (the casino loyalty program for Caesars Palace and associated properties). NOTE: As of February 1, 2019, Total Rewards is being renamed as Caesars Rewards.  The status match will remain.

Again, I was able to go online and complete the form to match my Wyndham Diamond to Total Rewards Diamond.  It took about a week to get matched to TR Diamond status.

Not yet a member of Caesars Rewards?  Sign up using this link and you get a bonus 500 Tier Credits when you pick up your membership card at any Caesars property!  In full disclosure, I also get 500 Tier Credits when you sign up.  

I have a trip to Vegas in November.  I am staying at Caesars Palace on a booking I made through Daily Getaways last May.  Diamond Status will give me some perks during my visit including free shows and a $100 dining credit.

I also understand it is possible to match back from Total Rewards to Wyndham status after my 90 days are up (similar to how you can match M life and Hyatt forever to retain status).  I’ll update this once I know through first hand experience.

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  1. Dave Hanson

    Note that TR Diamond gives you free parking and *waived resort fees* too. It really is a nice perks bundle.


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