Encore at Wynn Resort Room Review

Encore at Wynn Resort Room Review

I was able to book a free weekend at the Encore through a double status match.  It had been a number of years since I had stayed at either the Wynn or Encore and I was excited to try out the property again.

The Wynn and Encore are two hotels within the same property — think Venetian/Palazzo as the closest parallel.  Each hotel tower looks nearly identical from the outside.  Encore is farther north along the strip than Wynn but from the ground floor you don’t realize it is two properties — it just flows in to one massive resort.

The rooms at Encore are a bit larger than at Wynn, with the base room being over 700 square feet and are designed as junior suites with a divider between the bed and seating areas.


Wynn/Encore is located on the north end of the strip.  It is north of the Venetian, east of Fashion Show Mall, and southwest of the Convention Center.  The entrance to Encore is across Las Vegas Blvd from the new Resorts World.

Check In

I checked in around 9pm on a Friday night and there was no line which is unheard of at Vegas hotels.  Encore isn’t a small property, it has 2,034 rooms.  Not sure if I just got lucky with my timing but when I checked out at 11:00 on Sunday morning there was also no line.

The front desk agent was very professional and clearly well trained which you don’t always find at Vegas hotels.  I was offered an upgrade to a higher floor with a better view for $40 per night which I declined.  Resort Fees were waived on my reservation but I was offered them if I wanted… which was a resounding no from me.  It did mean I had to pay for wifi in the room if I wanted to connect to the internet ($20/day for the slowest speed)


I was assigned to room E 815 (the E prefix for Encore) on Floor 8.  Floor 8 is actually the 5th floor because there is no floor 2, 3, or 4.  Floors 13, and 40-49 are also missing, so while the top Floor is 63, the building is actually only 49 floors tall.  Because that’s just how Vegas does things.

Unlike some of the hotels in Vegas, I didn’t find the halls to be that long.  I was able to make it from my room to outside the property in about 3 minutes compared to a much longer walk at say the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace.

As you enter the room, the bathroom is to the left followed by a closet.

The next area is the bedroom portion with the bed on the left and mini bar on the right.

The bed has a table on either side with a lamp and pop up outlets.

The bed faces a partial wall with a TV that can swivel to face either the bed or the living area.

The living room portion has a large couch along one wall and desk along the opposite wall.

On the desk is an Alexa device that you can use to control various parts of the room like lights, temperature, and curtains.

The couch and ottoman fill out the rest of the living space.

Many of the walls are covered in mirrors which makes the space feel larger.  The floor to ceiling windows add to the spaciousness. Even on Floor 8 of the non-strip side had an interesting view.

I found the room to be extremely clean and well maintained.  Other hotels quickly show their age with scuffs and stains, even higher end ones like Bellagio or Caesars.  My room looked like it was much newer than 15 years old so Encore is clearly investing in keeping their rooms looking good even without major updates.


The bathroom is pretty standard for luxury hotels in Vegas.  A dual vanity along the back wall with a shower and separate tub along one side and separate toilet area on the opposite side.

There is a small TV built into the wall that I suppose you could watch from the tub.  The shower has both a standard showered and a handheld wand but you can’t use both at the same time.

Robes are also hanging in the bathroom.

All toiletries are single use bottles branded with the Wynn logo.

Property Facilities

Encore has all the amenities you would expect from a Vegas mega resort.  Both Wynn and Encore each have their own casino, restaurants, spa and pool.  There are a number of restaurants off of the Encore casino (including Sinatra) though Wynn is also just a short walk through a shopping arcade.  The Buffet is on the Wynn side and don’t expect any fast food or food courts here.

Currently the Wynn Theater does not have a resident show (La Reve closed a few years back) but a new show will be coming soon according to some signage I saw.  The spa at Encore is one of my favorites in all of Vegas; it is kept clean and well maintained unlike some of the other massive spas.  I didn’t get to visit the pools this time but they are lovely.

I have stayed nearly all of the MGM Resorts and Caesars Resorts properties.  Encore is significantly nicer than any of those hotels.  The staff provides a higher level of service.  The property is better maintained.  It doesn’t feel as corporate as many Vegas hotels; as it isn’t part of company of as many properties.  It feels a bit more like how I imagine Vegas was before the huge corporations got involved.

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