Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner during COVID

Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner during COVID

One of the perks of being a Caesars Diamond elite, even if you get it through a status match, is the $100 annual Diamond Celebration dinner.  Right now there are more limited options of restaurants (all buffets are closed, for example) — those that are open may have limited days and hours they are open.

I was able to get my hands on a list of the restaurants where you can use your Diamond Celebration dinner.  This is listed as 8/3/2020, but I was given it on 9/4/2020 so I am guessing that the list isn’t changing much at this time.

Notice that the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Mon Ami Gabi (both at Paris) are only available for Seven Star elites.

I would say the best options are all at Caesars.  There are no options at the Flamingo.

I’m planning on using my to try out Nobu this year.

Have you used your Diamond Celebration dinner during COVID?  Where did you eat?

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