Amazon Fresh: Using my new Dash

Today I got home from a trip to the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, AZ.  Since traveling home can be one of the worst parts of the trip; I always like to make the transition into the “real world” as painless as possible.  This includes always having fresh sheets on the bed, clean towels, vacuumed living room and a well stocked fridge.

Living in Seattle, I make use of Amazon Fresh.  It is Amazon’s grocery delivery service.  Before I leave on a trip; I like to place an order and schedule it to be delivered around the time my flight lands.  The delivery person leaves the totes filled with my groceries at my front door.  I just move them in and put them away and am ready to go for the week.

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Spa Etiquette: Come on people!

One of my favorite things to do while traveling solo is to spend a day at the spa.  Las Vegas has some of the best spas in the world; steam rooms scented with eucalyptus, reclaimed wood saunas, deluge showers, hot and cold plunge pools all in beautiful and lavish (if not over the top) surroundings.  I would suggest either the Encore Spa or Aria Spa + Salon for spa newbies.

If you are getting a treatment (massage, body wrap, etc), entrance into the spa is included.  I suggest spending at least a couple of hours before and/or after your treatment enjoying the amenities.  If you don’t want to pamper yourself (read: splurge) on a treatment, some spas offer day passes for a nominal fee to use the facilities.

One thing I think everyone should know before going to the spa:  it is best experienced naked.  Large spas are divided by gender.  Yet, time and time again, there are always a few guests wearing bathing suits.  I consulted with a female friend of mine and she said the same thing happens on the female side.

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Cirque du Soleil – Single Entertainment

Not all the Cirque characters are this creepy (or annoying)
Not all the Cirque characters are this creepy (or annoying)

One of my favorite places to travel is Vegas.  I have a great time going with friends, but going alone is a great option if you have the right mindset.  There are a lot of single travelers in Vegas for conferences and work, so you will not feel out of place going solo. In my circle of friends and co-workers, I have become known as the Vegas expert and the go-to for advice on hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

In upcoming posts I will focus on activities in Vegas for the solo traveler, but I wanted to start with one of my favorite forms of entertainment:  Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas.  I will rank them from least to most favorite.

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