Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

In what could be one of the more creative branding moves, there is a possible Hyatt Amazon Prime partnership in the works.  This is completely my own conjecture based on a survey I received today from Hyatt.

Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

Hyatt Gold Passport is one of the more lucrative loyalty programs out there; from their point redemption value to their Diamond benefits.  Their partnership with M life Resorts in Vegas make it especially attractive in my opinion.  You can also earn Hyatt points through their partnership with Avis.  Chase Ultimate Rewards points (through Chase credit cards) can also be transferred to Hyatt.  However, those are currently the only partnerships Hyatt has.

Amazon Prime is a subscription based service that costs $99 a year and has a number of benefits.  The original (and perhaps most known) benefit is free 2-day shipping when ordering through Amazon.  More recently Amazon has been adding benefits to Prime, including Prime Video that competes with Netflix to provide streaming movies, TV shows and original content.

Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

I was surprised when I was sent a survey today hinting at a possible Hyatt Amazon Prime partnership in the works.  It may be completely hypothetical, but it seems that there has been some time committed to studying a possible partnership.

The email I received today was from consumerinsights at  I am both a Hyatt Diamond and Amazon Prime member; so it is possible I was targeted for this reason.  Based on the Hyatt email address, however, it seems that the research on a Hyatt Amazon Prime partnership is being conducted by Hyatt.

Below is one screen shots from the survey.  The focus was on both business travel as well as personal travel.  The questions were the same for both categories of travel.

Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

I think the most interesting piece is the first screen shot above; which asks you to rate possible benefits or incentives from the partnership for Amazon Prime members staying at Hyatt property including:

  • $50 Hyatt food and beverage credit
  • 10% discount on room rates
  • $25 Amazon gift card per stay
  • $25 Hyatt gift card per stay
  • Amazon Fire TV to use during your stay
  • 2,000 bonus Hyatt points
  • One Hyatt Gold Passport point for every dollar spent through Amazon

The last one would seem to be an ongoing benefit (ie not just while staying at a Hyatt property) which would be a huge benefit to many, myself included.

I hope that a Hyatt Amazon Prime partnership comes to fruition.  Both are very valuable brands and companies; although I would see it benefiting Hyatt more than Amazon at this point.

What do you think?  Would a Hyatt Amazon Prime partnership make sense?  Would it change your shopping or hotel booking habits?  Did you also receive the survey?

Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership
Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

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