Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

Hyatt Amazon Prime Partnership

In what could be one of the more creative branding moves, there is a possible Hyatt Amazon Prime partnership in the works.  This is completely my own conjecture based on a survey I received today from Hyatt. Hyatt Gold Passport is one of the more lucrative loyalty programs out there; … Read more

$10 Amazon Credit for Using a Citi Card

This may be old news, but I haven’t seen it around before. You can get a $10 Amazon credit just for adding a Citi Card to your account and making it the default 1-Click payment option. I logged into my Amazon app on my iPhone and saw a banner with the … Read more

$150 iPad Today

Time for a quick post on how to get a $150 iPad Mini 2 today.  EDIT: Looks like they are extending the sale for another week! Walmart is currently selling the iPad Mini 2 for $199. A good deal on its own, but you can price match to Staples in store … Read more

Staples Coupon combines for 45% off

45% off at Staples

Yes, I know this is a travel blog.  But it seems that the “travel hacker” and “slick deal” crew are one in the same.  It’s all about getting miles, meeting minimum spend on credit cards, and making money for future trips.  This is an example of a deal that is … Read more

20% Discount at Nordstrom

Discount at Nordstrom

UPDATE: Even better — right now you can get 30% cash back for every purchase at Nordstrom — especially good since their anniversary sale is on now!  5% back when you use your discover card (plus another 5% after 12 months), 10% back at the Discover Deals portal (plus another 10% … Read more