Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Explained – 2020 Update

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Explained – 2020 Update

2020 has been a tough year on travel.  Vegas essentially shut down for a few months.  Fortunately the second half of 2020 looks to be a lot brighter and 2021 is sure to bring back a sense of Vegas normal.  In the midst of all of this, Eldorado has purchased Caesars Entertainment.

The new good news is that Caesars Rewards is extending elite status for a year.  So even if you weren’t able to make use of your Diamond status in 2020, you will now have it through 2021.

A reminder of how Caesars Rewards works:

Caesars Rewards, the loyalty program of Caesars properties, has a total of 4 tiers.

  • Gold (Entry Level)
  • Platinum (4,000+ Tier Credits in 2020)
  • Diamond (12,000+ Tier Credits in 2020)
    • Diamond Plus (20,000+ Tier Credits in 2020)
    • Diamond Elite (60,000+ Tier Credits in 2020)
  • Seven Stars (125,000+ Tier Credits in 2020)

Learn more about Tier Credits, and how to earn them, here.

Below I cover some of the perks I experienced (and a few I haven’t yet) as a Diamond .  These benefits are current as of August, 2020.

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No Resort Fees

I hate resort fees.  I avoid hotels that have them.  Unfortunately every hotel/casino on the strip charges them.  At the nicer hotels the fee is $45+ tax per night.  As a Diamond, the resort fee is waived.  Essentially Diamond status saves you about $50 a night.

Discount on Spa Day Pass

This is a benefit that I could not find advertised anywhere.  When I was staying at Caesars Palace this weekend, I wanted to visit the highly rated Qua Spa.  Online the cost of a day pass for a hotel guest is $45 on weekends.  For someone staying at another Caesars property, the price is $70 on weekends.  The price for the general public is $75 on weekends.  Just to use the spa facilities!

However, as a Diamond, I was told the price was only $20 for a day pass at any spa.  And that price was good even when not staying at a Caesars property.  That price is subject to change.

Two Free Show Tickets

Each calendar month, Diamond elites get two free tickets to select Caesars shows.  These can be used for two tickets to the same show or can be used for one ticket to two different shows.

Wow at Rio

Don’t expect to get tickets to see Celine or Backstreet Boys — these shows are second (or third) tier entertainment.

Most shows are shut down currently and it isn’t clear when they will reopen.

I have created a post with a list of show available for free.  You can also ask for the list of eligible shows at the Caesars Rewards desk.

$100 Celebration Dinner

Each year (February 1 – January 31), Diamond elites get a Celebration Dinner which is a $100 dining credit to various Caesars property restaurants.  Again, you can find a list of restaurants at Caesars Rewards desks or here.  The $100 credit is added to your Diamond card and essentially used like a debit card; though the $100 must be used all at one time in one location.

Read more about the Celebration Dinner benefit here.

Shorter Lines

Whether you are checking in to the hotel, getting a taxi, or stopping by the buffet; many Caesars locations have Diamond lines reserved for elites.  Hotels have Diamond check in lounges with shorter lines and more personalized service.

In addition, most of the buffets have reserved seating for elites.  These offer better service and a bit higher luxury (cloth napkins, drink service) depending on the buffet.  Though it is yet to be seen if buffets will ever reopen in Las Vegas.

Laurel Lounge

There are also Laurel Lounges at most casinos, but currently (August, 2020) these lounges are all closed.  Those with Diamond Plus or above can typically access the Lounge for free, while those with standard Diamond status have to pay 1,000 Rewards Credits per person.

Laurel Lounges are similar to airport lounges — complimentary drinks and light snacks with seating and TVs.

With the Laurel Lounges closed, Diamond Plus and above may access complimentary drinks at various bars on property.  More information is available at the Caesars Rewards desk.  Update 6/29/21: You can print out your free drink coupons at kiosks located in each casino.  The locations where you can use the free drink coupons is available here.

“Free” Stay at Atlantis and Caesars Dubai

Base level Diamond elites are eligible for 4 nights stay at the Atlantis Resort for about $200.  Though advertised as complimentary, you are actually charged about $50 per night (in the form of a mandatory resort fee).  The food is apparently WAY overpriced and not good (according to DEMflyers).  Plus they have captive dolphins which is completely cruel.  I likely won’t be visiting Atlantis with this offer.

The Dubai offer is new and offers 2 nights complimentary.  If you have used this benefit, please let me know!

Other Perks

There are a number of other small perks such as a free parking at any Caesars property and other discounts.

Overall I found that Diamond status at Caesars is much more recognized and overall has better perks than M life Platinum Status.  I would like to see M life improve their loyalty program as I do like that you can get Hyatt points and stay credits at M life properties.

Not yet a member of Caesars Rewards?  Sign up using this link and you get a bonus 500 Tier Credits when you pick up your membership card at any Caesars property!  In full disclosure, I also get 500 Tier Credits when you sign up.  

Interested in other information about Caesars Rewards?  Check out my Caesars Rewards page with tips to help you make the most out of your next visit including how to easily get Diamond status, access to free shows and food, reviews of hotels and much more.

10 thoughts on “Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Explained – 2020 Update”

  1. So, I was at a Caesar’s property in N. C. this last weekend and they told me that my Diamond status was not extended through 2021 just the benefits and I would not get a Diamond status card for 2021 until I reached Diamond status in 2020. That is really confusing to me, can you explain?

  2. In 2019 we used our Diamond status for the 2 Nights in Dubai, we actually received 4 (2 for him and 2 for me) Let me tell you, we were treated well, our room was amazing with breathtaking views from our balcony. Yes the food (which was amazing) was overpriced but is to be expected from a resort. There was little planning to get there as we were sailing / flying around the world but the whole process of booking was easy. We would defiantly do it again! Best of all NO resort fees! Like you we won’t stay where they charge em. so if you are planning to be in their neighborhood it’s worth the stay.

    • Are you an actual earned diamond member or matched through Wyndham? The site claims that matched members do not qualify for the Free nights in Dubai. I used the Atlantis in Bahamas with my matched status but was wondering if I could also use the Dubai with just having matched status.


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