Options for Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner

Options for Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner

Every year (February 1 – January 31), Caesars Rewards Diamond elite members are eligible for a “Diamond Celebration Dinner”.  The Celebration Dinner is a $100 credit that can be used at one of a number of restaurants at Caesars’ properties.  In Las Vegas, there are a lot of locations to choose from.  NOTE: As of February 1, 2019, Total Rewards has been renamed as Caesars Rewards.  The Celebration Dinner benefit will remain.

An easy way to get Total Caesars Rewards Diamond status is through a status match.  You’ll also get two free show tickets a month.

To use your credit, visit one of the restaurants and let them know you wish to use your Celebration Dinner credit.  You must use the entire $100 at one time in one location.  Credit can not be used for gratuity.

A creative way to get more out of the credit if you are a solo traveler is to visit the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.  For $92, you can purchase the Buffet of Buffets pass.  The pass is good for 24 hours at any of the Caesars’ buffets.  Visits to Bacchanal are an additional fee, so it is best to start there so the up-charge can be covered by the dining credit.

Nobu in Caesars Palace is always a good choice.  I splurged and got the $45 tempura king crab.

Where did you use your Celebration Dinner credit?  Leave a comment below and tell us how it went.

Not yet a member of Caesars Rewards?  Sign up using this link and you get a bonus 500 Tier Credits when you pick up your membership card at any Caesars property!  In full disclosure, I also get 500 Tier Credits when you sign up.  

Full list of restaurants in Las Vegas eligible for the Diamond Celebration Dinner (last updated December, 2018):

Caesars Palace

Bacchanal Buffet
Beijing Noodle No. 9
Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen
Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill
Forum Food Court
Mesa Grill
Monte Cristo Cigar Bar (added 2019)
Mr. Chow
Nobu Restaurant and Lounge
Old Homestead Steakhouse
Pronto by Giada
Rao’s Restaurant
Guy Savoy
Vanderpump Cocktail Garden (added 2019)


Flavors, The Buffet
Fulton Street Food Hall
Oyster Bar at Harrah’s
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Toby Keith’s, I Love This Bar & Grill


Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen+ Bar
Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips


Gordon Ramsay Steak
JJ’s Boulangerie
La Creperie
Le Cafe ile St. Louis
Le Village Buffet
Noodle House (added 2019)
Sushi Street (added 2019)

Planet Hollywood

Gordon Ramsay Burger
Pin-up Pizza
Spice Market Buffet


BLT Steak
Burger Brasserie
Sterling Brunch


All American Bar & Grille
The Carnival World Buffet
Guy Fieri’s El Burro Borracho
Hash House A Go Go (added 2019)
Sports Kitchen Deli
VooDoo Steak


Center Cut Steakhouse
Paradise Garden Buffet

The Cromwell


Interested in other information about Caesars Rewards?  Check out my Caesars Rewards page with tips to help you make the most out of your next visit including how to easily get Diamond status, access to free shows and food, reviews of hotels and much more.

36 thoughts on “Options for Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner”

  1. Hey, super helpful. I’m trying to status match before my trip on the 30th. I want to know what you mean by 92 Buffet of Buffet Pass- I see on the website it is 49.99. Also would you happen to know if I could buy two buffets and use the 100$ voucher and pay the difference?

  2. Please omit the first part of the comment. You said visit bachhanal first to be included in the 92. I get it. But now to my second, can I use the 100 celebration dinner for two buffet passes?!

    • Honestly I am not sure, but I don’t know why that would be a problem if you mean you want to buy two passes (one for you, one for someone else). They would need to be there with you and have their own Total (Caesars) Reward card (doesn’t matter their status).

      I don’t think you could do two for yourself (and make it 48 hours instead of 24).

  3. I used my celebraton dinner when I made diamond April of 2018. Since I made the points then to qualify Diamond for all of 2019, do I get i new celebration dinner starting Feb 1, 2019?

  4. kind of stupid question. Can u buy the upgrade pass for Ceasar baccahnal buffet at another buffet? or do u have to start in the morning and go to Baccahnal first?

    • They way I understand it is that if you buy the pass at another buffet, you have to pay the upgrade fee when you go to Caesars. Which is a problem, because you must use your entire Celebration Dinner credit at once. So I would suggest starting at Caesars. However, you are free to start the 24 hours at any time. I would suggest starting at, say, 7pm. That way you can get dinner that night, and all three meals the next day too.

  5. Would the $100 applies to one person or per bill? I will ave total of 5 member in our family, and I was assume the $100 can apply to the total bill ?

  6. Hi Alan! Thanks for the info. I contacted Caesar’s to confirm being able to use the $100 towards the buffet of buffets pass and they informed me that you can NOT do that. Maybe that’s new for 2019.

  7. When I picked up my diamond card, I was told that it takes 7 days for the celebration dinner credit to post since I got diamond via a status match from Wyndham. Is this correct?

  8. Are there any Caesars’ properties in Reno or Lake Tahoe that participate in the Celebration Dinner promotion?

  9. Is there a way to see if the Celebration Dinner reward has been posted to an account on our profile? Recently (few weeks ago) did the mLife status match and heading to LV tomorrow. I’ve received a welcome email listing all the benefits, etc. but can’t see anywhere on my account that it’s been made available yet? Thanks!!

  10. Recently (June 2019) we fly into Laughlin on a junket from (Kentucky via Horseshoe IN). We were all told our offers, gift offers and celebration dinners wi not be honored as they paid for our flights & rooms. All Diamonds looked forward to our night at the Range. About 1/2 the plane rented cars and drove to Las Vegas stayed at MGM properties (comped) as our Diamond status was matched to their Gold. Not a smart move by Harrahs. They save 100 each and lost thousands in gaming dollars. Ninety to $300 free play could have netted thousands. A $50 grill turned into zero $$$. So, if you are traveling to a property via Charter, call ahead for facts.

  11. Thank you for the helpful article! Can the celebration dinner credit be used at a restaurant on the list during lunch?

  12. So if I get Diamond statue today, for example, will I still get a celebration dinner to use before the end of 2019? Or will I have to wait until 2020?

  13. How does this 100 doalr credit work?
    Do I need to use the 100 dollar credit in one sitting or I can use it over 2 days say 50 each day or 50 for brunch and 50 dinner?

  14. So if my status has already been upped to Diamond online today (via Wyndam status match), will my “week waiting period” (or thereabouts) for the celebration dinner start today or when I physically pick up my card? I’m in Vegas in April, but only for 4 nights.


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