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Mlife explained

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MASSIVE UPDATE: As of February 1, 2022, M life will now be known as MGM Rewards.  I will be updating this post as I learn more. 

In Vegas, there are two major players in the casino world: MGM Resorts (or M life) and Caesars Entertainment.  There are some smaller ones as well (Station Casinos aimed more at locals, Wynn, Venetian), but these two are definitely the largest both in Vegas but also around the world.  This is M life explained in my most simple way.

Like airlines and hotels; Vegas casino properties also have loyalty clubs.  People typically have strong preference for one brand or the other.  I tend to stick with MGM Resorts’ loyalty club, known as M life, mainly because I like the MGM properties the best (I actually like Wynn best of all, but it is high end and only has two Vegas hotels).  In fact, I will be staying at Aria, one of their higher end properties, next weekend.

Casino loyalty programs work the same way as hotel or airline loyalty programs; the more “loyal” you are to their brand (i.e. the more you spend with them), the more rewards you earn.  For a hotel it might be free nights or upgrades, for airline it is usually miles towards free flights and first class upgrades.  For a casino, it could be comped rooms, shorter lines at the club, or priority check in.

No matter where you stay or play in Vegas, I suggest joining their player’s club.  It is free to join and often you get some sort of sign up bonus (free slot play, a deck of cards, coupons).  All you have to do is find the players club (usually at a prominent location on the casino floor) and show them your ID.  If you stay at Wynn, you are automatically enrolled in their club.

If you are staying on site, then make sure that your room reservation is linked with your players club account.  This is because not only do you earn loyalty points by gambling, but you also earn it for your hotel stay, spa visit, etc.  For example, when I stay at Aria, I always book it through M life VIP Services, which means I usually get a discount on the room.  Then when I am in Vegas, I always use my players card while gambling and I also charge everything I can to my room.  More about why I do that in a minute.

Mlife Explained
M life Status Tiers

With M life, you earn “Tier Points Credits” (Note: They are called “Tier Credits”.  I originally mentioned them as “Tier Points”) that move you up the tier status ladder.  The list below shows how many Tier Points Credits per year (calculated October 1-September 30 UPDATE: Now January 1-December 31 UPDATE: Now February 1-January 31) you need to reach each status:

  • Sapphire – Base Level
  • Pearl – 25,000+
  • Gold – 75,000+
  • Platinum – 200,000+
  • Noir – Invitation Only (I have heard you need anywhere between 500,000 and 2 million, I don’t know what you have to do to be invited to this club).

You can earn Tier Credits the following ways:

  • $3 of Slot Play = 10 Tier Credits Unknown Tier Credits
  • $1 spent at MGM Properties = 25 Tier Credits 4 Tier Credits

The slot play seems more complicated, but in reality is simple.  Let’s say you are playing a slot machine and for each “spin” you are betting $1.  After three spins, you will have earned 10 Tier Credits.  Whether during those three spins you won $1,000 or lost the $3, you still earn the same Tier Credits (10).

If you are a big slot player, you can rack up Tier Credits pretty quickly.  For me, and for a growing number of Vegas visitors, the draw isn’t so much the gambling any more.  I prefer to spend some time at the spa or a nice restaurant or seeing a show.  The best way to get your Tier Credits for these activities is to charge them to your room (assuming you are staying at an MGM property).  This way every dollar you spend on food, entertainment, and the room itself, will earn you Tier Credits.

Let’s say you book a room for three nights at $100 a night.  Then you go to a Cirque du Soliel show and you get a good seat for $100.  Maybe you get a massage for $300 and have a couple of nice meals for another $200 total.

For your weekend you spent $900, all of which you charged to your room.  Now, when you check out, you make sure that your M life Players Club number is linked to your hotel account.  And look at that, you just earned 22,500 3,600 Tier Credits without gambling a dime.  But since you are in Vegas, you probably gambled some which will put you over the 25,000 Tier Point mark and bump you up to Pearl.  Not anymore.

View from the Aria
View from the Aria

There are some additional nuances that I won’t get into in detail here.  Each status tier comes with bonus earnings (10% bonus for Pearl, 20% bonus for Gold, etc) that allow you to earn Tier Credits more quickly.  When gambling, you also earn Express Comps and Points for free play, but to be honest I have found that those accumulate so slowly that they aren’t really worth keeping track of.

So what do you get with each status tier?  Here are the most important perks that are added at each tier:


  • 10% Tier Credit Bonus
  • Buffet Line Pass (so you don’t have to wait in the sometimes LONG line)


  • 20% Tier Credit Bonus
  • Priority Hotel Check In Line
  • Free Room Upgrade* Although they say this is one of the perks, I have never actually been upgraded as a Gold member.
  • VIP Line Access for Clubs
  • VIP Lounge at some properties



  • 40% Tier Credit Bonus
  • VIP Lounge Check In
  • Complimentary Limo to/from the Airport

For complete list of the perks, visit M life’s website, although I am not sure how clearly they even have M life explained.

The other perk that you get with your status is matching status with World of Hyatt.  It is also reciprocal, so even if you have never been to Vegas before, but have status with Hyatt, you can match to M life and enjoy the above perks.

Vegas in one photo

The other detail to note is that your Tier Credits reset each October February 1.  Everyone goes back to zero on that date.  However, you keep whatever status you earned the last year.  So, for example, if you earn Gold status on June 1, 2015, you immediately enjoy the benefits of Gold and would keep that status until February 1, 2023.  If you didn’t earn a single additional Tier Point, you would go back to Sapphire on February 1, 2016.

Like all loyalty programs, there is a good chance that this may change next year, or tomorrow for that matter so enjoy it for what it is now.

I wouldn’t say M life is better or worse than Caesars Rewards. I would suggest if you go to Vegas often, find a property you like and stick with that loyalty club.

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  1. Two quick questions- as I am still trying to understand this! I currently have the gold card with mLife and am aiming to get platinum before the cutoff date. Question 1-What exactly does it mean when they say you get a 20% tier credit bonus? Question 2- usually when I go to the spa or a show, I give them my mLife card when paying for these items, and I am told they apply the points then. Is charging to the room going to get me more points, or the same? Thanks!

    • Hi Kristee, thanks for your question! Let me take a crack at answers, if I haven’t answered them, please let me know!

      1. Tier Level Bonuses – my understanding is that you earn an additional 20% bonus tier credits with your Gold status. So, for example, instead of earning 10 tier credits for $3 in slot play, you would earn 12 tier credits (10 credits plus 2 point bonus for being Gold). If you bet $300, instead of earning 1,000 tier credits you would get 1,200 tier credits. Basically it would accelerate the speed of which you will reach the next tier (Platinum in your case).

      2. Credit at the Spa – you earn 25 tier credits for every dollar you spend at the spa, show, restaurant etc. If you show them your Mlife card, it is the same as changing it to your room. I usually suggest charging to your room because you probably already have your Mlife number associated with your room and there isn’t as much room for error. But the way you do it (give your Mlife card at time you pay for the items) should work the exact same.

      Also, I would be interested to hear what you are most interested in with Platinum. I “chased” status last year because I wanted to free cruise (I’ll post about this in about a month when I take my cruise), but it is definitely worth figuring out if Platinum status is worth it for you. I’d be happy to talk it through with you more if you want.

    • They should. I always suggest charging to your room (if you are staying at an Mlife property), that way it gets on your room which you should have connected to your Mlife account. Next best thing is to give them your Mlife card when they bring the bill.

  2. Is it worth chasing Diamond with Hyatt to get to Platinum w/ Mlife? Trying to justify a mattress run and seeing how the wife and I will be heading to Vegas 2-3x next year and wondering if rates are more lucrative for Mlife Platinum than Mlife Gold to help justify getting an additional 8 nights before the end of September. Thank you!

    • If your only reason for chasing Diamond is to get Mlife Platinum, then I would definitely say it would NOT be worth it. The discounts are not that much better than Gold and to be honest, neither are the perks.

      But, if you are going to want to use Hyatt Diamond next year for Hyatt stays, then it might be worth it. I would see Platinum with Mlife as just a bonus. Let me know if you have any more questions about it!

  3. I have been an MLife member for several years. I receive free rooms,free play and resort credit every time I go. This is why you should always sign up for a players card. I get offers several times each year. I’m far from being a high roller and currently a Pearl card. I usually get 2-3 Nights Free several times a year and offers for 4 Nights free! 100.00 Freeplay 100.00 Resort Credit! When checking out you should always call a casino host and ask for additional comps! I rarely pay more than a few bucks! Gratuities and Tax are never free!
    You can leave the tip in cash if you prefer. I also receive offers from Ceasers Int’l casinos the Wynn/Encore. I prefer to stay at MGM although the rooms at the Encore are the best…to get a comp there you will have to invest serious money while there! Much better comps are at the MGM resorts. I usually book through a Casino Host and they are wonderful! You can book free offers online as well. If you are already a member you should always check the MLife site and see what offers you already are being offered. Make sure you give them your personal email. This is where you are alerted with your own best offers. They also will invite you to free Concerts ,UFC, Shows and my favorite Free Slot Tournaments. I won 1000.00 my offer gave me 100.00 Freeplay
    plus 3 nights free and 300.00 resort credit! I ate at the best restaurants at the MGM! You can also charge anywhere that is an MGM resort so it all goes on the same room bill and if it’s a MGM owned restaurant you can possibly get that comped as well!
    Be sure it’s a restaurant owned by MGM not like Emiril’s etc.
    CraftSteak, All Buffets etc. Ask for a list of their resort restaurants when you check in.
    I started receiving free offers after playing one time at MGM… although I was already getting offers from Bellagio. I paid for a room once and never since:)

  4. Here’s what I learned about the MLife status…

    -Charge everything to the room! Now you COULD save the receipts from the restaurants/shows/spas, take the receipts to one of the MLife kiosks, and they adjust it for you. Or you can charge it to the room and not deal with the scrambling.

    -As a current Pearl Member, it’s a 10% boost. Meaning for every $3 I spend in slots, I earn 11 Tier Credits (10 Credits + 1 Credit Pearl Bonus = 11 Tier). You are eligible to earn Tier Credits for table games, but I am not 100% how they calculate it.

    -I am currently at 67900 Tier Credits. Need 7100 more Tier Credits to advance to Gold status by September 30, 2016. On October 1, 2016, I will officially have ZERO Tier Credits. However, I will remain at Pearl from October 1, 2016-September 30, 2017. If during this time period I do not spend $1 on anything MLife-related, I will drop back to Sapphire on October 1, 2017. So you see how important it is for me to gain 7100 TC by 093016: the TC count will drop to ZERO, but I will be able to enjoy Gold status until September 2017.

  5. I just received a notice that points will be doubled September 1-10, that really helps to hit your levels. I already had a trip planned.

    • Wow, thanks for this heads up. Did you receive an email? If so, could you forward it to me? info at singleflyer dot com. Would love to post about it. Thanks!

      • Earn 2X Tier Credits
        September 1 – 11 • September 27 – 30

        As a special bonus, earn 2X Tier Credits September 1 – 11 and September 27 – 30, by simply using your M life Rewards card while enjoying select hotel, dining, entertainment and spa experiences along with slots and table games in Las Vegas. Visit mlife.com and book your M life Rewards offer for your next stay today!

        I couldn’t post the compete email, due to my personal information on it.
        I received this August 22nd

  6. ATM im back on pearl lost my gold status 🙁 but i must say the best thing gold offer me was free valet at any mgm resort cuss now they charge you 13.00 a day and its free if you have gold class and above but with pearl you get free self parking that saves you i think 6-8 bucks not sure and with gold i would get more free nights than pearl but im close to getting my gold status back. thanks for the info on how a dollar gets me 25 points and how to charge everything i can to my room i usually just pay and sometimes forget to show my card or save the receipt to show the mlife players desk. and like this past weekend i stayed at the luxor for new years and all i paid was that Saturday the 31st i got Sunday Monday Tuesday for free to check out Wednesday but you do still pay the resort fees and taxes but thats still cheaper then paying for all those days

  7. I will be going in a few weeks, I am an Mlife member, but am just an sapphire tier. This is the first time I have actually looked into the benefits of Mlife, and now realize I should have used it a lot more. I thought I needed it to be able to sit at a table and play.

    However I have a few questions,
    I booked my room thru the Mlife website and I logged into my account, I spend $1500+ on my room will this also go towards my tier credits? If so is this all automatically, or do I have to take care of this at the front desk, and will that be 25 credits per $1 spent?

    I will be staying at the Bellagio, but lets say I go to New York New York, or the MGM,or any other Mlife resort in Vegas, will I be able to charge drinks, meals, etc to my room at the Bellagio just by giving them my Mlife card? Or can I only charge to my room at the hotel I am staying at?

    Does table play also give 3 credits for every $1 played?

    And If I hit my next level while I am there, will I automatically upgrade to the next level or will I not see the benefits of this until my next visit?

    • Your room charges will earn you tier credits; just make sure that your M life account is on the reservation when you check in. Yes, it should be 25 tier points per dollar spent.

      No matter what M life property you visit, you can charge food, drinks, etc to your room at Bellagio. Just tell them you want to charge it to your room, no need to show your M life card. They’ll ask what property, what your room number is, and your last name (and ID).

      The table games don’t have as clear cut way of earning tier credits. I’m not sure how the pit bosses work out comps for table play.

      As soon as you hit the next level of tier, you immediately have the benefits. You may want to go get a new card at an M life desk to match your status.

  8. Hi, just wanted to shed some insight on table games.
    I was super lucky one night at roulette (we just got back from Vegas and are going again in April) and the next day realized I had only gotten a few credits for that nights play.
    The next morning I questioned a casino host about it. Here’s what I learned:
    My original cash exchange was $100. Meaning: when I sat down at the table and handed them my money and mLife card the pit boss marked down $100 in the system/on the card.
    That night was a busy Friday night at Monte Carlo with the pit bosses being pulled all around.
    Your table credits are directly dependent upon the put boss noting the system/marking your card. The pit boss was busy and even thought I sat at that table to 4+ hours and won a LOT of money it wasn’t enough to grab their attention when I cashed out the dealer called it out, the pit boss nodded and that was that. No record.
    With this information the next day, I took $1000 of my winnings and used that for my original money exchange. (Because the pit boss is REQUIRED to mark down that transaction).
    Not only did I get full credit for that amount I also had the attention of the pit boss because someone exchanging $1000 for $5 chips isn’t common. Even though I only played with $200 of that original $1000… I still got credit and held their attention.
    I received more credits and comps out of that one day than I had the previous four days combined.
    Hope this helps!! Basically I learned that the easiest way to get credits for table games (I only play roulette) is to make a flashy entrance and then only play with what your comfortable. Just because you have $1000 in chips on the table doesn’t mean you have to gamble with them and you still get the perks.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I have heard of other similar tactics to get comps. This seems like a pretty low risk way to do it; assuming you know your limits and don’t spend all $1000 of your chips!

    • I have noticed that they haven’t been as generous lately.

      But also I should say that Gold status (or Platinum) doesn’t mean anything to M life if you are not gambling.

    • I had a similar experience. During my last visit I talked to the casino host (Aria) about it and they comped all my food for the visit (about $700). Definitely contact the casino host before, during and after to get your comps!

  9. Question. I have a good understanding of tier points. I am a mlife gold member and I recently got the MasterCard also. I am heading towards platnium and should easily achieve it with several trips planned this year. My question is the other categories. Express Comps is self explanatory but there is a category just called points I have like 14,000 “points” what can that be used for?

    • So you sit down at a slot machine and put your card in. It shows you have 14,000 points. What exactly are these points? What can you use them for?

      Here is how I understand these points (but I could be wrong!):

      These points are earned by playing slots AND/OR using your M life Mastercard. They can be redeemed for Freeplay on slots OR can be converted to Express Comps via the M life desk. I do not believe that these points can be earned via spend at the property (room, restaurants, etc — those only count towards Tier Credits).

      My understanding is that you earn 1 point for every $3 in slot coin in ($10 for video poker). Each point can then be used as $.01 in slot Freeplay (or Express Comps if you convert them).

      So if you have 14,000 points in your account, these can be used as by selecting POINTPlay at a slot/video poker at a value of $140 in Freeplay. Or if you would rather, you can go to the Mlife desk and have them convert it to $140 Express Comps.

      Let me know if you find out something different about these points/Points/POINTPlay/Freeplay!

      Side note: M life does not have capitalization uniformity. I hate trying to figure out what letters are supposed to be capital so I’m just going with what I think looks right.

  10. My husband & I went Monte Carlo last April 2016. He applied for an Mlife card as it was his 1st time in Vegas as an adult. I have a card from my previous 3 visits. I gamble much more than he, so the night before checkout I asked at the Mlife desk if I was privileged to any comps (I’m new to asking as I’ve never before, although I’ve had much free play). The host gave us the resort fees as my comp which was great!! My next trip is in the planning for June 2017 and I was hoping for a few deals.
    My question… Did that make all my points revert to zero? I was getting amazing comps from TI from a previous stay, which I used a few years ago & appreciated. As for my last year’s stay at MC I don’t really get many offers from Mlife or they aren’t worth much. Is using the comps for the resort fee the reason? I went online and I have no record of any spending and zero in all areas.

    • Receiving comps from the Mlife desk should not affect the number of points in your account; unless they used your Express Comps to cover it. They should ask you if you want to use your Express Comps before they apply them. In that case it could lower your points to zero.

      However, each year your Tier Credits reset on October 1. So that would drop to zero which is likely what you are seeing online.

  11. I see a lot of people saying that it is 25 points for every $1 spend at Mlife Destinations however on the mlife website it says it is 3 points. Did this recently change or am i missing something? That is a drastic drop if they changed it since everyone has been posting these comments. I dont see ANYWHERE on the website that says anything about 25 points.

  12. Thank you.
    Most likely they used the express comps to cover the resort fees then. Which would be all they could do, as we booked as an air hotel package.
    I think it may work best if I book separately for future trips, this way I may be eligible for free room comps on checkout… If I’m lucky haha!
    My past averages show approx $3000 spending on slots alone in 3 days (this of course is NOT the amount I actually put in) . I also never knew I should charge to my room and to ask a host what’s available toe before I leave.
    Thanks again

  13. You also get points for money spent at the property if you use the MasterCard. Straight off the website:

    Q: Do I only earn Points and Tier Credits at M life Rewards Destinations3?

    A: Actually, you earn both Points and Tier Credits everywhere you make purchases with your M life Rewards MasterCard. Use it for everyday purchases and on your next visit to your favorite M life Rewards destination.

    As well as:


  14. Is there any detailed insight on how you earn Express Comps/Points?

    From this website and the M life website, it’s very clear how you can earn Tier Credits; you get 25 Tier Credits for every $1 spent, 10 Tier Credits for every “Base Point” earned. I also found above that you can earn 1 Point for every $3 in slot coin/$10 video poker. Is there any other way to earn points (i.e. hotel rooms, event tickets, spa…etc.)?

    The only thing I can find on Express Comps is that you earn them from playing slots or video poker machines. Any idea on how much you need to spend and then how much you get? Or, am I misunderstanding and you can only earn Express Comps by redeeming Points?

    It also sounds like you can ask for additional Express Comps when you check in, can you elaborate on that?

    I’m planning a trip to Vegas with around 10-15 people for my fiances 30th birthday in September and planning on spending A LOT of money. The cheapest 6 person hotel room/suite I could find is $700 a night, so that’s $3,000 right there for 4 nights (split between us of course). I’m considering the M life MasterCard to purchase the hotel room and some event tickets through M life as well. It’s very clear how you earn Points with the MasterCard; 3 Points for every $1 spent at M life, 2 Points for every $1 spent at gas stations/super markets, 1 Point for every $1 spent elsewhere.

    I guess I’m wondering how many Express Comps/Points I would earn just from spending the above WITHOUT having the MasterCard. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • You only earn Express Comps and Points from gambling (unless you have the MasterCard). However, you can earn Tier Credits for all spend at M life properties.

      For every $1 you spend you will earn 25 Tier Credits. So for your $3,000 spend you will earn 75,000 Tier Credits, enough to reach Gold status. These Tier Credits do not earn you any Express Comps.

      When you check in, make sure your M life number is on your room reservation. Then, charge everything to your room. That way any spend you do (spa, event tickets) will earn you Tier Credits.

  15. Hi, do i earn tier credits with the purchase of a gift card?
    i.e if I buy a $100 gift card in May 2017 do I earn 2500 tier credits soon after I py for the gift card or do I need to wait for my trip to Vegas in August and use teh gift card to earn tier credits?
    Thank you in advance!

    • That’s a good question, and I am not sure of the answer. My guess is would be that you will earn the Tier Credits upon redemption of the card. Please let me know if you find an answer.

  16. If you compare this to the casesrs total rewards program it’s a joke. The Caesars total rewards program offers so much more.

  17. Hi,

    Does anyone know if I have already purchased show tickets prior to my trip can i still get tier credits for them? Didn’t think to buy them when I get to Vegas and charge my room. Thanks.

  18. So how do you earn points flying SouthWest and what kind of points and what can they be used for? New to all of f this! I have all ready purchased my flight ticket. Where to show my MLife card and where?

    Thanks for your help and timely reply,

    Jim Casper

    • I don’t believe you can earn M life points when flying Southwest. However, you can earn Southwest points when staying at an M life property. You just have to tell them your Southwest member number at check in/out.

  19. Thanks for your help. I have another question. MGM now has a MLife card that Vetereans can apply for and receive. They say you can receive a card and you are immediately moved to Pearl status and receive that status with benefits. This is really nice of MGM but one question. You said at the end of the year everyone moved back to original tier. Does that mean a Veteran would be put on Pearl every year even if the card was not used? I mean I can’t see never using my card in a year but just checking. Also do you know how drinks are given at game tables and slots? Does having a MLife card help? Is there a tier level needed? Or has MGM completely stopped giving drinks to players?

    Again thanks for your help and timely reply,
    Jim Casper

    • Hi Jim, I just heard about the Veterans card yesterday for the very first time. I’m sorry to say I don’t know if it carries over year to year. Other programs with M life do not carry over. For example, with Hyatt status match you must do it every year. However, you are a veteran for life, so it seems like it would make sense for them to have it be lifetime status. If you find out, please let me know!

      Drinks at M life properties are still comp’d when playing slots and at the table. Having an M life card doesn’t help or hurt you. As of now, the servers come around every 20 minutes or so and you just place your order. However, there is talk and even some testing of machines that will monitor your play and only allow you a free drink after so much “coin in” on slots. Stay tuned.

  20. I had the opportunity of almost reaching gold on my recent trip but was misinformed by two separate Mlife reps at my resort and am now 9111 TC away from gold. I was told that TC would be added at checkout from the rooms, this is not the case. They are added nightly as your stay progresses. So for anyone chasing status please be aware of that info.

      • It was. I wasn’t planning to chase gold but after the Mlife rep told me about the rooms I figured I’d try. Definitely would have hoped the reps would know how the program works. Was planning two trips next year where the discounts and offers would have been handy.

        • The reps give different information. My MGM grand Detroit points have never transferred to Vegas or Biloxi. I will be researching this because i have several trips planned for this year

  21. Thank you for all the info you have posted it, very helpful.

    I’m a current MLife Platinum member with 165K tier credits…so, coming up a little short for Platinum next year. Considering doing a “chase” trip this coming weekend. Question is do you think it’s worth chasing 45,000 tier credits to get the platinum status?

  22. I may have may have missed seed this but what if I’m getting tickets for shows in advance how can I earn the points if I have not checked in to charge it to my room?

  23. Great explanation. Have you cracked the code for table games/tier credits? I never can understand these. I was just in Vegas for work. I only had a few hours here and there, so no long stays at any table. I did get a chance to play (high limit) black jack for about 2 hours one night. I bought in for $500, cashed out for around $2,000. I started at $100 a hand and had bets as high as $1,000 a hand. I asked the pit boss before I left what he had me down for, and he said given the spread he would give me credit for $500/hand and round my time up (I was like 90 minutes) to 2 hours. So here’s my question… 2 hours at a black jack table, betting $500 a hand, assuming that they use 60 hands per hour ( a lot of this was heads up so it’s probably much higher) that would give me a theoretical $1,200 ADT (2 * 60 * 500 *.02).

    You would think $1,200 ADT would earn me decent tier credits but checking my account it barely seems to have changed. I have had this happen at other resorts as well. Any thoughts on a rough ADT to TC formula?

  24. I am currently a Gold level. I was in Vegas about 10 moths ago and left at 110,000 tiers credits. To get there, I had a marathon night where I played the slots for about 7 straight hours earning about 40,000 points in one night…….flash forward to current time and I am still gold but was set back to zero points. I have been to the Borgata (now MLife) twice in the past month playing at least 6-7 hours of solid slot play wagering anywhere from .80 to 4.00 per spin so averaging I am thinking 1.50 to 2.00 a spin. However, my Tier points only showed 10,000 points after these 2 days of wagering. Being a seasoned slot player, there is no doubt that I played as much if not more at the Borgata as I played in Vegas at the Luxor and MGM but the credited points earned is a solid 3-1 or 4-1 ratio. I felt I should have been at least 30k if not 40k as opposed to 10k. Does the Borgata calculate tier level credits different that in Vegas. I am very frustrated as I would like to get back to gold. I am going to vegas in couple of months and knowing that I easily made gold level the lat two times there, I am hoping that I am credited the same way as the previous vegas trips and not the way I’ve been credited at the Borgata. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  25. When you say ask the “casino host” to see if you can get comps, who exactly is that? The person at the MLife desk, at the checkin desk? And do you do this when you check out after your stay? Thanks.

    • If you are a big enough gambler, then you can probably ask for a casino host. This is someone that will personally work with you for your various visits, offer you comps and freebies (show tickets, rooms, meals). There is typically a casino host office some place on the casino floor.

      If you are like me and NOT that big of a gambler, then you will probably just want to check in at the M Life desk towards the end of your stay to see if they can comp (remove some charges) from your hotel bill. Sometimes it might be the resort fee, or a room charge, or perhaps the whole room. Do it prior to check out (morning of check out or night before).

      Does that answer your questions? Let me know if you have more or need me to clarify. Thanks for reading!

      • It does. Thank you. However, I’ve never ask for comps before and unsure how one would go about that. Any advise? Thanks.

        • Here is what I would do. Go up to the M Life counter the morning you are going to check out (make sure the counter is open, if you are leaving early you might have to go the night before).

          With your card and ID handy, say something like this:

          “I’m checking out today from this hotel. I’ve been here for a few nights and have played a good amount in the casino. I was wondering if you could take a look and see if you are able to comp any of my stay?”

          Typically they will look at your play history and might have to call someone higher up at M Life to get approval. If you are already staying on a promo through M Life, they likely won’t have anything to offer, but if you paid for your room on your own, the worst they can say is no.

  26. Melissa,

    I’ve been MLife Platinum for 4 years plus. It took me a year after gaining that status to physically ask them for a direct assigned host who I could call. I asked her a ton of questions about how this all works. She told me two valuable things.

    1. Don’t be afraid to ask for something, hosts here it all the time from guests. The worst they will say is “I can’t do that right now for you but if you were playing at x level I could”

    2. Failing to go through the casino host costs you money. My host gave me an example of one trip to Vegas that I never booked through a host and never talked to a host before I left, was a $1,000 mistake. I was entitled to a larger upfront comp and additional comps based on play.

    Always ask don’t be afraid to.

  27. I just joined Mlife, and I’m still learning the ropes. I am going to Las Vegas in Oct, and was wondering how do I get my Mlife rewards card.

    • I believe you will need to stop by the M life desk at one of the M life properties and show them your ID. They will then give you your card. I don’t think they will send it to you via mail; has to be in person.

  28. I’m going to Vegas for the first time in October (from the UK). Is it worth signing up ahead of booking hotel rooms to see if a discount applies, as I’m going for 5 nights? I don’t know too much about the Mlife deals. A friend in the US recommended signing up. Thanks.

    • I don’t see any reason not to sign up prior to booking. It will also make sure your M life number is on the reservation so you can earn credit for your stay. Also make sure to connect it with your Hyatt account (if you have one).

  29. I am going to Vegas and looking at signing up for MLife online ahead of time – before booking anything. Will be staying at the Aria. I am also looking at booking Cirque shows online before going to ensure some good seats. Do I do all of this through the MLife account online after I activate my account? I want to get all I can from MGM properties on the card to seek comps when leaving. You say to book all tickets and charge them to your room – which I can’t do as I don’t know my room until we get there.
    My other ask, being new to MLife, can my husband and I both have our own cards under one account? And when you mention players card….is that different from the actual Mlife card?
    Sorry for all the questions and appreciate your clarification. This site was a great find for info.

    • Thank you for your comment and I am glad you found the info useful!

      You should be able to book room and shows through your Mlife account online.

      As for comps; if you purchase something ahead of time (like show tickets), they probably won’t be able to comp that. I believe they will only comp things that you purchased during your stay (meals, for example). Either way, I would keep all your receipts (or print them off) and bring them to the Mlife desk to make sure you get your Mlife credits for the purchase.

      You and your husband can both have accounts and you can have them linked when you visit an Mlife desk. Everything then goes into one pot, so your tier credits combine to get you both to the next level. Alternatively you can just open one account and then get two cards printed. Either way works the same essentially.

      Players card is the same as the Mlife card.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I will attempt to answer them.

  30. Wondering if you ever heard back about if you could buy MGM Gift cards to boost your Tier credits and if they credit your account when you buy the cards or when you spend the $$ on the cards. I’m only 2k credits away from Gold, but won’t be back in Vegas until October- so trying to figure out how to boost my account before the deadline for the year. 🙂 Thanks in advance for your comments.


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