Free Shows in Vegas for Caesars Rewards Diamond Members

Free Shows in Vegas for Caesars Rewards Diamond Members

The Bronx Wanderers
The Bronx Wanderers at The Linq

NOTE: Caesars Rewards has discontinued the free show benefit; at least for now.  

Every month, Caesars Rewards Diamond (and Seven Stars) elites are eligible for two free show tickets in Las Vegas.  The two tickets can be used for the same show (two guests) or for one ticket at two separate shows.  As a Platinum elite, you are eligible for buy one, get one free.

You can easily gain Diamond status through a status match.  Don’t forget to also get your free annual dinner.

The show benefit is available every calendar month.  Therefore if you are in Vegas on the last day of the month and the first day of the next month, you could redeem four tickets.

Miss Behave Game Show at Bally's
Miss Behave Game Show at Bally’s

To get the tickets, stop by any Caesars Rewards desk.  You do not need to be staying at a Caesars property to redeem this perk.  Show them your ID and they will print you off two vouchers.  Then go to one of the box office ticket sales locations and redeem the voucher.  Once the voucher is printed, you have three days to redeem it.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at the Linq

There are only a certain number of comp tickets set aside for the shows.  So even if there are still seats for sale, it doesn’t mean they are available for free under this benefit.

Wow at Rio

When I went around 11am on a Saturday looking for tickets for that same day, my first two choices were sold out.  So check as far in advance as you are able.

Anthony Cools at Paris

Every time I used my free ticket benefit I received decent seats in the theater.


Below are the available Diamond free shows (as of March 1, 2020):
*Show I have seen


Miss Behave Game Show*
Potted Potter* (Added 7/19)
Real Bodies (exhibit)
X Rocks
Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream (Added 2/19)
Extravaganza (Added 3/20)
The Bronx Wanderers (Removed 1/19 – moved to The Linq)
Wayne Newton (Removed 1/19 – Now at Caesars Palace)
Solid Gold Soul (Removed 1/19)


Anthony Cools*
F.R.I.E.N.D.S the Musical Parody (Added 3/20)
Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man
Jeff Civillico: Comedy in Action (Removed 1/20)
Ilusión Mental Entirely Spanish (Added 2/19, Removed 7/19)
The FAMtastic Hypnosis Show (Added 6/19, Removed 10/19)

Planet Hollywood

Tenors of Rock (Added 5/19)
Crazy Girls (Added 9/19)
iLuminate (Added 3/20)


Comedy Cellar*
Penn & Teller* (Currently “Penn and Friends”)


X Burlesque (Added 10/19)
Piff the Magic Dragon (ages 13+) (Added 12/19)
Go Pool – Various Concerts
 (Added 7/19, Removed 10/19)
The Greatest Piano Men
 (Added 3/19, Removed 5/19)
Legends in Concert*
(Removed 1/19)


Mat Franco*
Brooklyn Bowl – Various Concerts
Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club – Various Shows* (Added 6/19)
Bronx Wanderers* (Added 2/19, Removed 2/20)


X Country
Menopause The Musical
Mac King
MadCap Comedy (Added 6/19)
Tape Face* (Added 2/20)
Bronx Wanderers (Added 3/20 – Moved from Linq)
Heartbreak Hotel (Added 4/19, Removed 1/20)
The Comedy Lineup (Removed 6/19)
Tenors of Rock
(Removed 4/19 – Now at Planet Hollywood)

Caesars Palace

Wayne Newton (Added 2/19)
Thomas John (Added 2/20)
The Cocktail Cabaret
 (Removed 1/19)

I will attempt to keep this page updated.  Please let me know if you visit Vegas and find out that the shows have changed.

Have you used this benefit to see a show in Vegas?  What shows are worth a viewing and which aren’t?

Not yet a member of Caesars Rewards?  Sign up using this link and you get a bonus 500 Tier Credits when you pick up your membership card at any Caesars property!  In full disclosure, I also get 500 Tier Credits when you sign up.  

Interested in other information about Caesars Rewards?  Check out my Caesars Rewards page with tips to help you make the most out of your next visit including how to easily get Diamond status, access to free shows and food, reviews of hotels and much more.

17 thoughts on “Free Shows in Vegas for Caesars Rewards Diamond Members”

  1. I just got back from Vegas yesterday and went to a couple Diamond-comped shows. Come early in the month for the best shot at tickets. You can only reserve tickets in person and for that same month. If you arrive on the 30th, they make you wait until the 1st to book for the following month.

    I arrived on the 3rd and was able to get tickets for comedian magician (and America’s Got Talent winner) Mat Franco (tickets unavailable a couple months earlier when I tired mid-month). My seat was towards the middle front of the theater and he roams the audience. One illusion and was performed right behind me. The show is both amazing and hilarious — one of the best I’ve seen, and I’m not even a huge magic fan.

    I also got tickets to WOW at the Rio. My seats were to the side, but right next to the stage. It was a ‘splash’ zone during some of the water dancing. A combination of dance, aerobatics and comedy, the show is no Cirque du Soleil, but has a level of talent, quality costuming and production values to call it a true Vegas show.

    Stay away from the Miss Behave Gameshow, a low budget effort with loud tinny music in a tiny room. I saw that a couple months ago and left after 20 minutes. I was glad I didn’t pay actual money for that one.

    For the Celebration Dinner, I’d recommend lunch at the new Hell’s Kitchen outside of Caesars, especially if you are a Gordon Ramsey fan. A great meal, though that $100 won’t go as far as you might expect.

    • Thanks for the info!

      I was also in Vegas this past weekend and tried to get tickets (day of) to WOW and Mat Franco and no tickets were available.

      I ended up seeing Legends in Concert (because it was free). I am glad I didn’t pay. Last time I saw Penn & Teller and found it entertaining.

  2. Hi, My group is 3 people. I can get only 2 tickets and is there a good way to get another ticket for the show? Since Mat Franco is probably not going to be available. (I’m going in mid month), I can only hope there’s still some tickets available for members.

    • I’m pretty sure you could pay for a third ticket at the time you get your two complimentary ticket. I am certain there will be tickets for some shows while you are there, but possibly not Mat Franco. Make sure you find out when the ticket booth where you can redeem your free tickets opens in the morning; and go first thing. And make sure you get your voucher from the Caesars Rewards desk prior to going to the ticket booth.

  3. Do you have to go around to each of the box offices at the various hotels or does Caesars have a desk that can check all of the various shows without you having to go around to each hotel?

    Thanks for posting this great information.

    • I believe each hotel has a desk where you can get the tickets. It does NOT have to be the hotel that hosts the show you want to see. For example, I was able to get my tickets for Penn & Teller at Caesars Palace.

      The Linq box office is located just off the casino to the west of the check in desk (I believe by the valet). When you pick up your voucher from the Rewards desk, just ask where you can redeem them.


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