M life to become MGM Rewards

M life to become MGM Rewards


UPDATE: Additional information is now available, including new benefits like waived resort fees.

Perhaps due to too much confusion regarding the space and capitalization, the loyalty program of MGM Resorts is changing the name from M life to MGM Rewards.  The new program rolls out on February 1, 2022.

The name isn’t the only change.

Tier Credits earning will be drastically cut.  Tier Credits are different than Rewards Points.  They are worth no money but are what is measured to get to a higher elite status.  Under M life, members earn 25 Tier Credits per dollar spent at M life properties.  Under MGM Rewards, members will only ear 4 Tier Credits per dollar.

The rate of earning Tier Credits through gambling will also change, but so far details have not been shared about exact earning rates.

Apparently, if you are not very bright, you can also elect to earn 4 Tier Credits per dollar spent at any Hyatt property worldwide if you select to earn MGM Rewards instead of World of Hyatt points.  Don’t do this unless you like burning money.

So far the number of Tier Credits needed to advance in elite status (for example from Gold to Platinum) isn’t changing.  UPDATE: The only level changing is Pearl.  The number of Tier Credits is lowering to 20,000 Tier Credits (from 25,000 previously).

MGM Rewards is saying is that they are here for the gamblers, not for those that spend money at the properties on hotels, restaurants, experiences, etc.

Express Comps, money earned “back” each time you gamble, are also being simplified across all elite levels at one rate with no regular bonuses based on status.

The qualifying year is also being changed to February 1 through January 31 which is just annoying.  A few years ago they made it line up with the calendar year.  Not sure why they think they need to make this change.

The Platinum Experience is going away (at least temporarily).  The promise is that it will be coming back some day, but details are not available. There is no mention on the status of M life VIP Lounges and if they will changed at all.

For the past few years I have moved away from M life as I have felt Caesars Rewards is more generous (waived resort fees, annual Celebration Dinner, Laurel Lounge).  During Covid Caesars made cuts (no more free show tickets, closed lounges) that made me think about returning to M life.  I am now more inclined to be a free agent and go wherever extends the best offer.

You can still match your World of Hyatt status to M life status (at least for the time being).

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