Status Match Hyatt to M Life

Status Match Hyatt to M Life

It is October 1.  That means that M Life Tier Status is reset based on play at M Life casinos over the past 12 months (October 1-September 30).  Now is a good time to status match Hyatt to M Life if you think you’ll be in Vegas over the next year.

A reminder of how this works.

If you are a World of Hyatt member with Explorist or Globalist status, you can match it to M Life Gold tier status.  If you are World of Hyatt Discoverist, you can match it to M Life Pearl.

You can status match the other direction too (from M life to Hyatt).  M life Gold, Platinum and Noir match to Explorist, while M life Pearl matches to Discoverist.

Why would you want to status match Hyatt to M Life?

If you are staying at an M Life property in Las Vegas, status comes with some perks.  Skipping lines, upgraded rooms, lounge access.  Remember to always show your World of Hyatt card when you check in to an M Life property.  And charge everything to your room.  Three World of Hyatt points per dollar spent at M Life properties.

To status match, opt in here.  Before you do so, I suggest signing in to your M Life account and Hyatt accounts.

After clicking the opt in button, it will ask you to sign in to your Hyatt account if you haven’t already.  It will then take you to the M life website.  If you aren’t logged in, you need to log in now.

You should then get to a confirmation screen with a green banner that looks like this:

If it doesn’t automatically show your updated status, sign out and back in.  If it still doesn’t show, wait a day and try again.

4 thoughts on “Status Match Hyatt to M Life”

  1. Every time I try to do it on the computer it never works. Last year I had to call and speak to someone before it was matched. Also in the Mlife website it doesn’t say anything about matching Hyatt to Mlife anymore, it says the complete opposite. Something has changed I think.

    • I went in just now and matched my Hyatt to Mlife. Immediately status changed from Gold to Platinum. Worked fine for me, although it took a couple of page reloads. Mlife has a notoriously terrible website. If you are persistent it should work. Make sure you are logged in to and Mlife before you match.

    • Thank you. You are correct, this is an old post. Still, the basics of how to match are the same. Just different tiers now. I’ll try to update it in the next few weeks.


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