Mlife VIP Lounge

Mlife VIP Lounge

Mlife VIP Lounge

One of the more mysterious benefits of Mlife Platinum or Noir status is access to the Mlife VIP Lounge in certain hotels.  The reason I say mysterious is because there is barely a mention of the Mlife VIP Lounge on any of the property websites.  I actually found a mention on the Mirage FAQ page, but it was just in passing.  If you search on Google for a map of the specific property you may find the lounge.  I asked a few Mlife staff at various properties.  And most didn’t have any idea that there even was an Mlife VIP Lounge.

Many of the Mlife hotels offer VIP Check In at reception for members Gold and above.  This is essentially a separate line just for elite guests.  However, the mythical Mlife VIP Lounge is a completely separate area with snacks, drinks, access to casino hosts, private check in/out, etc.

After reading this Miles to Memory post about his experience with the VIP Lounge at Luxor, it inspired me to do a scavenger hunt in Vegas to try to get in to the various Mlife VIP Lounges at various resorts.

The overall take away is that the Mlife VIP Lounges are nothing too exciting.  Usually there is a desk with a host (or staff that has easy access to a host), a mini fridge with water, soda and juice, some basic snacks and some seating.

Here is what I found out about the Mlife VIP Lounge at each property.  I will update this list as I uncover more information.

Monte Carlo

UPDATE: The VIP Lounge is closed as Monte Carlo transitions to the Park MGM.  The first lounge I visited was actually a few years back, and somewhat by accident.  While I was staying at Monte Carlo, I had an issue with my Mlife account.  Since the Mlife Desk staff couldn’t solve my problem, they directed me to the VIP lounge.  It is opposite of the main Check In desk by the guest elevators.  There is bottled water and bottles of wine available.  VIP lounge is for Gold members and higher.  Map

New York New York

I stayed at NYNY this past weekend and when booking through Mlife I was told I could check in at the VIP lounge.  The agent on the phone explained it was to the left of the main Check In area past the bell desk.  Sure enough.

Mlife VIP Lounge

Immediately inside the door is a staff desk.  You can check in and out at this desk.  Checking out is especially nice because the staff can call a host to see what comps they can offer.  When I checked out the staff didn’t get a hold of the host but still took off the resort fees (my room was already comped).  I stopped by a couple of other times to get water, juice and cookies.  Finally, there is no alcohol but there is coffee, some dried fruit, pretzels and mints.

A NYNY employee confirmed over Twitter that all Platinum and Noir members are welcome in the lounge. Map (although the lounge isn’t listed, it is by the Bell Desk)

IMG_1086 Mlife VIP Lounge


I asked a staff member of the Mlife desk if there was a VIP lounge and he explained that there was in the High Limit area (who knew there were high limit players at Excalibur… but that’s another conversation).

Mlife VIP LoungeMlife VIP Lounge

The door clearly shows that Platinum and Noir members are welcome.  Mlife confirms this.  Inside is more of the same, with the addition of some basic snacks.  I took a bag of M&Ms in addition to a water bottle which was a nice snack to have.  Map (it is by the Starbucks in the High Limit slots)


Finding the Luxor Mlife VIP Lounge is quite the challenge.  I asked a staff in the High Limit area and she had no clue what I was talking about.  A second staff finally figured out where it was, although she told me there wasn’t much there and wasn’t sure of the hours.  To find it you have to walk towards the walkway to Excalibur.  By the Zippo store and Criss Angel gift shop there is an escalator down.  At the bottom, turn left and walk down past the (empty) Check In desk.  There is a sign on the ceiling and the lounge is in a weird little door on the right.  I tried to put my Mlife card in to unlock the door, but it wouldn’t fit.  The door was unlocked anyway, so I went in.

IMG_1094Mlife VIP LoungeIMG_1096IMG_1097

There is nothing of note to this lounge.  There was an employee in one corner who seemed surprised anyone had found the place.  She wasn’t helpful at all.  There is a fridge with some soda and water.  The only snacks are some lonely bags of chips.  Map


All I know about the Mirage VIP Lounge is that it is located right by the main entrance before you come to the Check In desk.  I have not been inside.  A couple of people report that it is only for guests staying at Mirage that have been coded by a casino host to receive the lounge benefit.  These guests are given a special black VIP key.  And the lounge reportedly has beer and wine available.  Confirmed: VIP lounge is for Platinum guests coded by casino host.


The VIP Lounge shows up as next to the front desk.  Confirmation: It is for Noir members only, however there is an invited guest line for check in for Gold and PlatinumMap


The map lists a “Chairman’s Lounge”, but I do not know what it takes to get access.  Map

UPDATE: PDXDealsGuy sent me an update from the Bellagio.  And he reports that as a Platinum member he was able to check in at a lounge just to the left of the main check in desk.  “The lounge isn’t too big, but they had 3 or 4 workers at the desk (and some coffee & wine).”  In addition, it is only open (at least to Platinum members) during weekends and other times when check in is busy.  While YMMV with access to the lounge, it is worth checking out!

Courtesy of PDXDealsGuy
Courtesy of PDXDealsGuy


I have stayed at Aria multiple times and have never found a VIP lounge, however there is a lounge specifically for guests of the Sky Suites.  Also, I couldn’t find a map online.  UPDATE 10/31/16: There is now the Tower Suites Lounge (my review) available for guests that book a suite at Aria.


Mandalay Bay 

Looking at the map I could not find a VIP lounge.  However, I read that there is one on the top floor.  Confirmed: There is a VIP lounge but you have to be coded access by a casino host.  Also an invited guest line for check in for Platinum and Noir members.  Map


No information.

Finally, if you have any additional info about any of the Mlife VIP Lounges, please comment below!

Update 7/31/15: I have been emailing back and forth with an Mlife representative.  Here is what she confirmed for each of the properties:

I had sent out a request for the VIP lounge information and this is what I have been told by the resorts.

Aria-No VIP lounge at ARIA  nor at Vdara. 
MGM Grand/Signature-MGM Grand VIP lounge is for NOIR. Signature- does not have a VIP Lounge.  There is an invited guest line at the front desk for Gold and Platinum but no lounge. 
Mandalay Bay/Delano- VIP Lounge access upon request of host. There is a separate Platinum/Noir check in line at Mandalay Bay desk however.
The Mirage- There is VIP lounge access upon the request of a host for some Platinum. 
Monte Carlo-Have a VIP lounge that is complimentary for M life Gold tier and above members.
Excalibur-Have a VIP lounge for Platinum and NOIR members. 



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  1. Bellagio has a VIP check in lounge which is accessible all day…you must be coded by host or staying in the penthouse suites. There is premium alchohol. and snacks, pastries, muffins, occasionally sandwiches and always fruit. They have an attendant that serves the drinks and restocks snacks. Nice seating areas….it is right through the lobby before you go to the conservatory. The bathrooms are amazing in here with bidet and heated toilet seats, mouth wash, hairspray etc.

  2. Hi Alan – Thanks for the great information. As an update to Aria, there are 2 VIP lounges. One for the Sky Suites as you noted and this lounge is located down the corridor directly across from SPIN (high limit slots), to the right and next to the Lemongrass restaurant. Obviously for Sky Suites guests and monitored by security. There is also a NEW lounge for Tower Suites guests that just opened in January 2016. It is located with an extrance to the left of Javier’s Restaurant with room key access and there is also a separate entrance (no room key needed) off the hotel lobby. That lounge is large, beautifully decorated and open to any Tower Suites guests from 7AM to 10PM with free water, juices, soda and snacks.

    • I saw that new door next to Javier’s last weekend and was wondering what it was! Good to know. So it is only open for Tower Suite guests? Has nothing to do with Mlife status?

  3. Supposed to be for Tower Suite guests where I stayed on my last visit. I’m not sure Mlife status has any impact either way. Use their entrance off the lobby and you can just walk in without a Tower Suites room key. I go in there and get bottled water from their refrigerators, located to the right as you walk in, they also have some light snacks they replenish throughout the day. No one, at least in my experience, monitors who comes in and walks out with a beverage or snack. Their front counter is usually pretty chaotic with guest check-ins.

  4. Great info Thanks! We love new York new York and the VIP lounge does have complimentary wine and bottles of beer…nice because lounge is next to pool and close for free refills!

  5. The Monte Carlo VIP lounge has been closed. There is a separate desk next to escalator to parking garage for gold+ check-in. Maybe they will have a new VIP lounge once the rebranding to Park MGM is complete, but I doubt it.

  6. Our last visit Nov 2017 at MGM, they had the room to to the right of the main check in and bell desk open for Gold and above. There was 3 staff a small fridge with non-alcoholic beverages and fruit. there might have been more snacks but I don’t recall. A small sitting area. The staff was super nice and made our check in quick and painless.
    Our next trip we will be staying at NYNY so appreciate the location of the lounge.

  7. I love mlife this info was great I was a total rewards club member for a long time they never charged the resort fees on my comp rooms going to be sure and check in and out in the vip lounge and see what happens we always stay at newyork newyork we love it there but I hate paying those resort fees since were gambling most of the time…thanks for all the great info

  8. The Bellagio has at least 2 “VIP” lounges. The first is the smaller “Chairman’s Lounge” typically used by people staying in higher end suites or people that had “comped” stays. It’s located behind an unmarked double doors just to the left of the main check-in desk. There’s a second, larger, “VIP Lounge” that (I presume) is used by invited guests and higher level gamblers. Both lounges offer water, some juices, coffee, tea, and a small assortment of sweets. (The days of offering chocolate-covered strawberries are long gone.) They also have comfortable seating and staff to assist with check-in and concierge type requests. The larger VIP Lounge also has bathrooms and special elevators. Its entrance us just to the right before you enter their Conservatory from the lobby area. Access is only occasionally checked in my experience, unless you look like you don’t belong there.

    Check in lines can be long at all casino resorts. You can expedite your check-in by making use of the “mobile check-in” MGM resorts offer, by having a higher level M-Life tier level, or by getting a M-Life credit card, or by having access to either the Chairman’s or VIP lounges included as part of your suite.

  9. MGM National Harbor, MD, has a lounge located next to the hotel check-in for Platinum & Noir members. Everything is under lock and key, and you have to ask the employee for a glass of wine or water. In the morning, a very limited amount of pastries are served.
    The MGM Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS, has water, orange juice, and cans of soda, with some pastries and fruit in the morning, it’s located at the VIP check-in.
    The MGM Borgata in Atlantic City, like other AC casinos, serves real food in their player club lounges! The Borgata’s “Amphora Lounge” has a high quality small buffet with beef/steak, fish, chicken, shrimp, pasta/potato, veggies, and high quality desserts. Located in the center of the casino, next to their night club. This is an excellent meal for $12.50 in comps per person. If in AC, be sure not to miss it.

  10. The Bellagio has a VIP and Chairman’s Lounge. You showed the VIP Lounge in this picture. The Chairman’s Lounge is actually located closer to the center garden exhibit.


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