Mlife Changes Coming December 15

I spotted reports on FlyerTalk of certain benefits to Mlife members being cut — namely the elimination of free admission to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef, Mirage Secret Garden, and the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.  I reached out to Mlife via Twitter and was told that there would be some Mlife changes coming December 15, 2015.

The major change seems to be the introduction of The Platinum Experience.

Mlife changes coming December 15

We’ve created the new M life Platinum Experience which allows Platinum and NOIR Members access to unique experiences on each and every M life hotel stay in Las Vegas.

Sidenote: I had always seen it written as “Mlife” (sans space), but they are clearly using a space between the “M” and “life” now.

It sounds like Platinum and Noir members will receive a welcome letter at check in with a “unique MGM Resorts experience, compliments of M life.”  There are already reports on the FlyerTalk thread of guests receiving these letters.

Remember, if you are a Hyatt Gold Passport member with Diamond status you can status match to Mlife Platinum.

My educated guess (yet to be verified) is that each property will have some “bonus” for Platinum and Noir guests, that might include:

  • Shark Reef – Mandalay Bay
  • Gallery of Fine Art – Bellagio
  • Secret Garden – Mirage
  • Bodies or Titanic exhibit – Luxor
  • Roller Coaster ride – NYNY
  • CSI Experience – MGM
  • I am guessing that properties without an attraction (Aria, Monte Carlo, Excalibur, Vdara) will offer some sort of discount coupon for dining or free drinks.

EDIT: I was able to find out more about these experiences and posted them here.

Some may see this as a negative change.  It used to be you could walk up to the Shark Reef, Secret Garden, or Gallery of Fine Art and get in for free as often as you would like; even when not staying at an Mlife property.  Now, it sounds like it will be more of a coupon offered on hotel stays only.  And one offer per stay.

I actually think this could be a good change.  Depending on what the experience is offered.  It may offer more opportunities for Mlife members to experience additional attractions for free.  I haven’t been to the Bodies exhibit, but if I was offered a free ticket while staying at Luxor, it would be hard to pass up.  While before the experiences were limited to just three, there may now be up to ten different offers — one for each property.

Another disappearing benefit is the turndown service; which I found spotty at best.  The last stay I requested turndown service, only to be called back with a staff telling me they wouldn’t be able to get to my room.  Wow.

You can see the Mlife page about the changes here.  Full text is below:

Mlife changes coming December 15

Thank you for your continued loyalty! Please note the following changes to M life rewards and benefits, effective December 15, 2015:
  • At our Las Vegas resorts, Express Comps will only be earned for slot play. Members visiting Beau Rivage, Gold Strike Tunica and MGM Grand Detroit will still earn Express Comps for both slot and table games play. You may still redeem your Express Comps balances as long as they have not expired.
  • As always, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR Members will maintain points and Express Comps as long as they have activity within the prior twelve (12) months. Sapphire members will now maintain their points and Express Comps if they have activity within the prior six (6) months. If you are a Sapphire Member and have not had activity since June 15, 2015, visit and earn before December 15, 2015 to keep your account active and avoid expiration.
  • For the purposes of expiration, we are expanding our definition of activity to include any point or Tier Credit earning. This means that any eligible play or spend that earns M life points or Tier Credits will keep your account active.
  • We are also making a few changes to M life Tier Benefits, as we work towards a more compelling mix of perks for our members:
  1. We are offering bigger entertainment discounts with exclusive flat-rate member pricing.
  2. We’ve created the new M life Platinum Experience which allows Platinum and NOIR Members access to unique experiences on each and every M life hotel stay in Las Vegas.
  3. We will no longer offer “Access to Dedicated Concierge Phone Line” for Platinum Members, however, you may continue to contact M life VIP Services for assistance with any reservations.
  4. We will no longer offer “Turndown Service” for Platinum Members.
  5. NOIR Members will still receive “Guaranteed Dining Reservations”, but we will no longer offer the “Best Table Available”.
  6. All MGM Resorts customers will continue to have the “Ability to Room Charge from Any Other MGM Resorts Destination” as well our “Best Rate Guarantee”. However, we are removing these features from our list of M life benefits.

10 thoughts on “Mlife Changes Coming December 15”

  1. Good to know, thanks for posting. Also, resort fees have just recently gone up. Not a huge jump (for example, Mandalay is now $30 + tax vs. $29 and Aria & Bellagio are now $32, etc.), but it’s worth noting nonetheless. Best I can tell, previously booked reservations are being honored at the lower resort fee (although in my experience you’ll need to remind the front desk at check-in/out).

  2. I noticed they changed the itinerary for room reservations. Before I would add a room to my itinerary and it would lock the price and now it changes to show current price. I heard parking is not going to be free either. Wow vegas is going downhill fast.

  3. MGM hotels are now cutting back on premium alcohol service. Cocktail waitress at Aria said no more Stoli or Gray Goose, Kettle One highest grade, can’t get a B&B. She had a list on allowed Beverages. Playing 21 at $50 table. That ain’t right!

    • I was wondering about that. I ordered Gray Goose and soda and they said they don’t serve Gray Goose. Hopefully Wynn still has premium alcohol! Another strike against Mlife…

  4. “At our Las Vegas resorts, Express Comps will only be earned for slot play.” If you play table games In Vegas do you still get tier points just not express comps? Does this mean you will still get room offers by playing video games?

    • Honestly not sure how they deal with table play; but I know they do track you. Whether that actually adds to your tier credits; I doubt. But I am sure they’ll keep track of your play none the less. You should still get room offers with slot play (not sure what you mean by video games… video poker? Yes.)

  5. By cutting back on M life specials you may deal with losing people coming to the M life program the might spend there money else where but i think taking things away is never good people don,t like it it makes makes you feel like its all about the money not customer service any more .. ! do realize you have to make money but that my friends that is a two way street my wife and almost always stay four nights and spend around three to four thousand dollars it hard for every one these day if you take away too much people will just quite coming i know i will . Losing express comps will be the last straw for me & my wife .We have been very loyal M life customers every since the program started we have been coming to Las Vegas for over 40 years i have no plans of stopping but where i stay might .


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