Winning Travel Contests

Winning Travel Contests I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for a good contest.  I’m not sure which came first, my love of travel or my love for winning contests.  It is a chicken/egg mystery.  Lucky for me, there are a ton of contests where the prize is travel.  I have … Read more

American Express Hawks Island 2016

American Express Hawks Island 2016 Attention Seattle readers!  American Express Hawks Island 2016 is coming on October 16.  I attended last year and had a blast.  This year it is going to be held on 10/16/16 prior to the Seattle Seahawks hosting the Atlanta Falcons at Century Link Field. The … Read more

Seahawks Playoffs Lottery Contest

Seahawks Playoffs Lottery Contest

Three years ago my friend and I entered the first ever Seahawks playoffs lottery contest put on by the Washington State Lottery.  Spoiler alert: my friend won. It was Russell Wilson’s rookie year and the Seahawks were heading to the NFL Playoffs.  They had secured the Wild Card spot and … Read more

Amex Hawks Island Experience

Hawks Island

I recently wrote about the Amex Hawks Island in this post.  Today I was able to experience it myself.  The Amex Hawks Island is (as of now) a one off experience; only today (October 18) before the Seahawks vs Carolina home game at Century Link Field. Anyone with an American Express … Read more

American Express Hawks Island

American Express Hawks Island

Update: Read about my experience at the American Express Hawks Island. If Amex Centurion Lounge and Centurion Studio weren’t cool enough places to grab a snack and drink, now you can enjoy a floating Amex Island!  The American Express Hawks Island is coming to the Seattle waterfront on October 18 before … Read more

Strong Against Cancer Plane Pull

Full disclosure: I have a personal and professional connection with the organization involved in the Strong Against Cancer Plane Pull.  I have donated in the past because I believe it is a worthy cause.  However I do not stand to benefit from this event in anyway (except for maybe going and having a great time!). … Read more