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Winning Travel Contests

Winning Travel Contests I’ll admit it.  I’m a sucker for a good contest.  I’m not sure which came first, my love of travel or my love for winning contests.  It is a chicken/egg mystery.  Lucky for me, there are a ton of contests where the prize is travel.  I have been known to sponsor a… Read More »

Delta 360 Status

Delta 360 Status I had never heard of Delta 360 status until yesterday.  I am not a frequent Delta flyer, so I am not too surprised.  Apparently it is a top tier, invitation only status unadvertised by Delta.  Not unlike United Global Services or American Concierge Key. A friend on Facebook posted that he had… Read More »

51st&Green – Dublin Preclearance Lounge

The Dublin Preclearance Lounge The Dublin Preclearance Lounge, officially known as 51st&Green (a play on the concept of Ireland as the 51st state of the USA) just opened a few weeks ago.  I visited this past weekend prior to my terrible flight on American Airlines.  Overall it is quite an impressive lounge with the best views… Read More »

Alaska Airlines “fly nice” ad campaign

Alaska Airlines “fly nice” ad campaign It seems that the Battle for Seattle between Alaska and Delta is heating up.  There is a new Alaska Airlines “fly nice” ad campaign running in the new Capitol Hill light rail station in Seattle.  This comes on the heels of a minor kerfuffle this past week over the… Read More »

Delta Sky Club SLC Salt Lake City

For how many flights go in and out of Salt Lake City, it is a barren wasteland when it comes to airport lounges.  In fact, as far as I can tell, there is only ONE lounge and that is the Delta Sky Club SLC.  Passengers traveling in a premium cabin on Delta or partner airline (SkyTeam)… Read More »