Visiting the Delta 17:00 Bar in Seattle

Visiting the Delta 17:00 Bar in Seattle

This weekend in Seattle, Delta introduced a pop-up lounge experience called The Delta Seventeen Hundred Bar.  The Bar is open for two days only (Friday October 4 and Saturday October 5) from Noon to 2:00am.  Delta rented out Soul Repair, a venue on Capitol Hill for this two day event.  The event is free to the public.

Every hour the venue takes on the theme of a different city that Delta services out of Seattle.  During that hour, a beer from/inspired by that destination is available for purchase with proceeds going to local charities.  At the end of the hour, two round trip tickets from Seattle to that destination city are given away to someone in attendance.

I arrived at 8:00pm on Friday and only had to wait a minute to get in.  I was given a “passport” that highlighted the various destinations and beer being offered.  It included local destinations like Las Vegas and Denver as well as international destinations like Mexico City, Amsterdam, and Osaka.

I was also given one entry for the drawing.  I was told if I wanted to enter the next hour, I would need to exit and re-enter.

An airport flip style readers board displayed the current destination city and beer available for purchase.  Photos of the destination were displayed behind the bar.

To the left of the bar was a giant clock that acted as a photo backdrop for guests.

Just before 9:00pm, a “flight attendant” read out the winner of the flights to San Fransisco.

With that, the venue transformed for the next destination: Anchorage.

The pop-up seemed to be a success with the bar at capacity during my two hour visit on Friday evening.  The San Fransisco beer was reasonably priced at $3.25 a bottle.  There was also a pilsner on tap for $1.50 a glass.  It was advertised that there were various bites available, though they seemed to go fast each hour they were introduced and then not refilled.

The Delta 17:00 Bar runs again today (Saturday, October 5) opening at Noon through 2:00am.  Some players from the Sounders MLS team will be onsite at 2:00pm.  The Delta 17:00 Bar is located at 1001 E Pike St. Seattle, WA.

Are you planning on visiting?  Did you make it to the Delta 17:00 Bar?  Share your experience in the comments below.

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