SkyTeam Lounge (YVR)

SkyTeam Lounge YVR

Before my Icelandair flight, I had a five hour layover in Vancouver.  The international departure area has two lounges accessible with Priority Pass — the Plaza Premium Lounge and the SkyTeam Lounge.  As I had already visited the Plaza Premium Lounge on a previous trip, I decided to try out the SkyTeam Lounge.

The check in desk for the SkyTeam Lounge is near gate 53.

Once checked in, take the elevator to the mezzanine floor where the lounge is located.

The food buffet is at the back of the lounge (as are the bathrooms and two showers).

There are a couple of hot options, a salad bar, and self service beverage station.

The lounge also has a noodle bar which offers noodle soups and dumplings.

Back by the bathroom is a wall of art of the various members of SkyTeam.

There is plenty of seating throughout.  The entire lounge is bright and offers great views.

Back towards the elevator is a work space.

Next to that is a circular wine bar that offers self serve pour machines.

While not a lounge worth getting to the airport early for, the SkyTeam Lounge YVR offers Priority Pass card holders a better alternative to the Plaza Premium Lounge when departing on international flights.

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