Cathay Pacific Lounge (YVR)

Cathay Pacific Lounge Vancouver Review

The Cathay Pacific Lounge at Vancouver Airport is located across from the SkyTeam Lounge near Gate 67.  During my mileage run, I had a 3 hour layover at Vancouver before my flight back to Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific First Class.

An elevator takes you to the check in desk of the lounge.

The look of the lounge, which opened a few years ago, follows that of Cathay Pacific lounges around the world with wood, dark metal, and brass.  The first area you come to is a seating area.

Another seating area is next.

At the end of that room is the buffet area.

To the side of the buffet is an office work space with computers.

To the side of the seating rooms is the Noodle Bar.  In addition to the standard noodle dishes, there were also some veggie options and you could order a hamburger.  I found the Dan Dan Noodles to be pretty terrible compared to the ones you get in Hong Kong.

There are two shower rooms, but one was out of order so there was quite a line to get to use the shower.  The bathrooms are similar to other Cathay lounges, even the fixtures are the same.

Cathay Pacific has the best lounges in the world.  The Vancouver lounge, while not as large or luxurious as some of the Hong Kong lounges like The Pier or The Bridge, it still is a world class lounge that is worth visiting for a few hours in luxury.

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