Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Tokyo (HND)

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Tokyo HND

First things first.  If you have the option of flying out of Haneda rather than Narita when leaving Tokyo, pick Haneda.  It is closer to the city and much nicer.  This is my review of the Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Tokyo HND from my visit in March 2018 before my 7:50pm HND-SFO flight in First Class.

After checking in and visiting the rooftop observation deck, I made my way through security and immigration.  After going through the central security area, you will want to take a left for both the Japan Airlines Sakura and First Class Lounges.  The lounges are located across from Gate 112.

Take the escalator up to the shared check in area.  To the left is the Sakura Lounge and to the right is the First Class Lounge.  After checking my boarding pass, I was directed to the right.

Here is a map of the First Class Lounge.

First area you come across is the phone call area with enclosed booths.  There is also a smoking room to the right and showers to the left.

Then there is a hallway that takes you to the lounge.

Half way down the hallway is a work area with round cubicles (I think thats any oxymoron) and a printer.

If you continue on down the hallway, you will be in the dining room.

Unlike other First Class lounges in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai, or Hong Kong, the dining room food is a self service buffet rather than a full service restaurant.  The food is very similar (many dishes identical) to the Business Class Sakura Lounge next door.

The main difference is there is a chef station.  While I was there, they were serving fresh grilled fish.

The alcohol selection is also self service; there is no bar per say in the lounge.

They do have the automated beer dispensers as well.

On either side of the dining room is lounge seating with views of the tarmac.

Just off the dining room is the massage chair room.  A sign explained that massages (by humans) were no longer available.  The chairs were nice but not a substitute for an actual therapist.  Each chair is in its own room or cubicle, depending on which you pick.  If you pick one in a room, you can dim the lights if so desired.

The best area of the lounge is at the far end.  This area is known as the Red Suite and seems like some sort of proof of concept as it feels like it’s own lounge within a lounge.

For lack of a better description, the Red Suite area has a masculine decor with lots of dark wood and aviation art and artifacts.

The main room has some seating as well as a shoe shine station.

The map behind the shoe shine has red pins of all the destinations where JAL flies.

To the right is the champagne room with Laurent-Perrier La Cuvee champagne as well as sake and wine.

To the left is an additional seating area.

Just past that is the game room with the walls covered in airline route maps.

I particularly like the hats hanging from the ceiling as lights.

The Red Suite is one of the most attractive areas of any lounge I have visited, up there with The Pier in Hong Kong.

As I had spent the day in Tokyo, I decided to take a shower before my flight.  There are six or so shower suites and an attendant to set you up in a clean one.

There are no toilets in the shower suites which I found strange.  Otherwise they provided a functional shower space.

The shampoo/conditioner/body wash were non branded in large pump bottles.

Towels and tooth brush are provided, though no body lotion.  I also noticed an emergency call button on the floor, I guess in case you slip and fall and need help.

A sign lists the shower hours (pretty much all the time).

The service in the lounge was very friendly.  As soon as I sat down in the dining room I was brought a glass of water and hot towel.  I was encouraged to take photos (some lounges don’t allow it).

Overall, the food and showers were not very impressive, but the ambience of the Red Suite is worth checking out the Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Tokyo HND.


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