Singapore Airlines The Private Room (SIN)

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

Singapore Airlines has a nice network of their KrisFlyer lounges around the world like the one I visited in Sydney.  When departing from Singapore flying in Singapore Airlines First Class or Suites Class, you have access to exclusive Singapore Airlines The Private Room located in Terminal 3.

The luxury experience starts at check in.  There is an exclusive First Class check in area that has a completely different entrance than the rest of the airport.  Make sure to tell your taxi driver that you are flying in First Class.  Luckily my taxi driver asked me what class I was flying, otherwise I probably would have missed it.

After a personalized check in experience, you are guided to immigration.  At the Singapore airport, security is done prior to the gates, so no need to clear security before the Singapore Airlines The Private Room.

Finding the Private Room

Escalators lead up to the SilverKris lounge on the 2nd floor of the terminal.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

If you are eligible to access the Singapore Airlines The Private Room, when you check in at the lounge a staff member will walk you to The Private Room.  You walk through the Business Class lounge, then the regular First Class lounge before coming to The Private Room.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

Singapore Airlines The Private Room is divided into two main areas: lounge seating and restaurant.

The lounge portion is pretty standard for a First Class lounge.  Plenty of space with natural light.  Staff that will bring you drinks.  Large TVs, magazines and plenty of outlets.  There are also a couple of private “offices” (not pictured) in the back for use to make a phone call or have more of a private lounge experience.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

The restrooms have shower suites that seemed to be self service (at least I didn’t see a staff member “supervising” their use).

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

Singapore Airlines The Private Room could handle 70-100 passengers quite easily.  However when I was visiting there were maybe 10 passengers so it felt quite empty.


I spent most of my time having breakfast at the restaurant portion of the lounge.  I was the first passenger to sit down for breakfast though two groups (one a family of four, the other a couple) arrived shortly after.

The colors are dark with large booths that make it feel almost like a classic steak house.  Very elegant.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

There is a small self service buffet to one side.  I’m not sure why it is there as there are plenty of staff to take your order.  Maybe if it was full or someone wanted a quick bite they could utilize the buffet.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

I ordered off the menu.  Waffles, scrambled eggs and potato cakes.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room

The food was quite tasty but not over the top.  Considering I was going to be having a meal again in a short time on the flight, I probably should have ordered less, but it’s all included so why not go big.

Singapore Airlines The Private Room is a very nice, exclusive lounge.  It isn’t as big or luxurious as the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai.  It isn’t as classy or full serviced as the Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong.  But it is still an exquisite lounge that would be a great place to spend a few hours.  It is worth arriving early for your flight for a visit.


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