Cheapoair Cancelation Fee

By | April 6, 2017

Cheapoair Cancelation Fee of $50/$75

I just had a costly mistake that I want to warn you all about.  All airlines operating to/from the USA have a grace period that allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking for no charge.  The rules do not apply to travel agents (such as Expedia or Orbitz), they can charge any amount of cancelation fee.  However, most choose not to in order to maintain good customer relations.  It costs these travel agencies nothing to allow the cancelation within 24 hours.  This leads me to the Cheapoair cancelation fee that seems excessive.

Cheapoair was one of the few mainstream online travel agents that deviated from this model.  They allowed cancelation for only 4 hours with no charge.  And you had to call in to make the cancelation within that 4 hours.  It was a pain, but in the world of wacky airfare booking, sometimes Cheapoair is the only option for booking a unique fare.

I ran into that this evening.  I booked one of the amazing $323 RT US-Singapore flights on JAL.  The fares were disappearing and the flight wouldn’t book through on Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline or directly through JAL.  Finally I tried Cheapoair and it worked!  In the past I have often done this; book now and figure out if the plans will work later.  Well, this time the plans didn’t work.


I called Cheapoair to cancel the ticket, well within the 4 hour window (I thought) Cheapoair offered.  The very nice customer service rep advised me that there would be a $75 charge to cancel.  I was able to talk to her supervisor and he informed me that the new policy went into effect on February 20, 2017.  Now, even if you cancel within 30 seconds of making the reservation, you will accrue a $75 charge for international flight and/or Biz/First Class cancelations ($50 for domestic Economy).

Cheapoair Cancelation Fee

Not only that, but you have to PAY the cancelation fee (charged immediately) and then wait for the funds from the original ticket purchase price to be refunded to your card (can take 10 days or so).

This is a poor policy by Cheapoair.  It does not cost them anything to cancel a flight within 24 hours.  That is the rules by the Department of Transportation in the US.  So Cheapoair is pocketing that $75 fee.

After speaking at length with the customer service rep, he agreed to waive the fee this one time.  But it was a long conversation.  I would not count on ever having the fee waived.


I will never book with Cheapoair again and would encourage you to never book with them either.  This is a poor policy that is not well advertised.  The only place I found it when doing a dummy booking was right before hitting “Book” after entering your credit card info.  Please spread the word.  Don’t fall victim to the Cheapoair cancelation fee.

Cheapoair Cancelation Fee

Does this new Cheapoair cancelation fee influence your decision to use Cheapoair to book a flight in the future?

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43 thoughts on “Cheapoair Cancelation Fee

      1. Eric

        I just booked with them and their website changed my date without me knowing so I ended up booking the wrong tickets, so I had to change the date and the tickets i ended up finding on the airline site for $500 cheaper. I called and they charged me 50 X6tickets $300 to cancel all within 15 minutes. I chatted with them on line and sent the link i’ll post below and she made a one time exception for $10 per ticket I dint want to complain so I felt 60 was ok. Please don’t use them!

        1. Alice

          it happened exactly the same to me!!
          i’m very sure i selected the date of 28th and after i paid the confirmation shows it’s 25th
          the credit card payment was processed right away
          called service center but the directory always leads me to the main vocal page
          wrote email and they never respond
          will never buy from this site again

    1. Zoraida

      The same happened to me. I’m an avid traveler and will never book through cheapoair again:

    2. KP Chen

      I recently booked a flight from Los Angeles to Taipei for $511.00. Thought was good price, but found out it was one way price when I tried to print the itinerary. I immediately cancelled it. You have to cancel it through a real person. That is 10 minutes between booking confirmation and cancellation. Cheapoair charged me 75 Dollars for the cancellation. I will not deal with this company at all.
      Be warned!

    3. Gabriela

      I am never booking with cheapOair again. That is unnecessary and it brought my budget down. so stupid! they have lost a customer at the first booking. horrible indeed.

  1. Courtney

    I wish I had seen this sooner. Fighiting with Cheapoair now to get the $75 international fee waived for 4 tickets

    1. Alan Post author

      So sorry you have to go through that; I know it is NOT a fun process. I hope you can get it waived.

    2. Andrew

      I’m currently doing the same. Did you have any luck fighting it?

  2. Lilian Pacas

    Thanks for me was a lit bit too late to read ur post i booked with them and by any reason i dnd know how it happens i date my ticket the wrong day i called inmmediately chepoair to fix the problem and my sorprise was a have to pay $50 cancellation which is something crazy why they dnt give 24 hrs cancellation as other companies they gain $50 with me but im Pretty sure they lost a costumbre with me

  3. alpha

    I am having the same problem with CheapOair.
    Please stay away from them.

  4. alpha

    I am having the same problem with CheapOair.
    Please stay away from them.
    I booked a ticket $234
    -Cancellation fee for future booking is $50.00

    Today i book ticket, they told me fee $50.00 to keep $115 credit.
    The airline charge another fee is $100.

    That mean i pay

  5. Debra Watts

    I contacted them to ask about cancelling 1 of 3 tickets purchased. They told me they didn’t give refunds AT ALL!

  6. P herlihy

    This is the worst travel company I have ever dealt with. They will be reported to the better business bureau.

  7. Rai

    This is not an honest website! Stay away from cheapoair! They work so hard to get as much money put of you as they can!! I will never EVER be booking another flight with them again!

  8. Ruby

    I booked 2 tickets for $1600. Cancellation charge $3000 and they only return me 1200 original tixket so its was $700 for cancellation. Ripped off

  9. Marie

    Wish I had read this before I booked my flight! Called within 10 minutes of booking the flight to cancel. They tried to charge me $50, but I don’t have a credit or debit card, and they insisted on having that fee charged before they cancelled the flight. Rep asked if I had someone else’s card I could use – and is GOING TO CALL ME BACK for it. They INSISTED it be paid before they would cancel. So, I will be on the phone with a supervisor today. Thanks for letting me know about that the fee is strictly for their pockets – it will give me some ammunition.

  10. teresa croy

    Shame on me for not reading the “real FINE print”……but really, shame on Cheapo-air. What a scam. I have never heard of such a thing. I wonder if the Better Business Bureau are familiar with such practices. Buyer beware. It is almost worth the loss to not have to deal with their ever so helpful customer service. When I received my bill I noticed they did credit the $19.95 that I paid for the insurance just in case we did have to cancel. Nice touch Cheapo-Air. Your name says it all.

  11. Val

    I booked to 2 round trip tickets on their website and also like another author noticed that they change my return date without my permission. I immediately called customer service (within 3 min. after booking), but a rep told me I have to pay cancellation fee $100 or $150 to change the date. I canceled and in the next 5 min bought tickets on Hipmunk website for 24 dollars cheaper and with the better flight hours. Hipmunk also has 24 hours cancellation period. Never again will do business with CheapOair and agree with those who think that BBB should know about their business practice.

  12. Rie

    Same thing happened to me yesterday. Booked 6 tickets, but received the confirmation for different flight dates, called in 2 hours to find out what was going on. I ended up paying $25 each to cancel the 6 tickets after the lengthy conversation. Very unsatisfying! Never use CheapoAir ever again!!!

  13. Jacky

    I have the same problem, they want to charge me $300 for cancelling a 4 people ticket within 24 hours of booking.
    I will not booking with again until they change the policy.

  14. Natoia

    This just happened to me today, and I wanted to confirm that it was a real, never noticed their policy. I was sure to let them know that I will no longer be booking with them.

  15. Aaaa

    Another victim here. This is really a scam company. Will never deal with it again. Hope it will go bankruptcy tomorrow!! It’s not honest. And they are charging me the cancellation fee anyway.

    Never ever touch this website!

  16. mikl

    They showed me $1038 for a flight and when i was finished paying, they charged me $1663. I called to find out whats going on and they said they wont honor the price and to top that i was told that they would be charging me $75 for cancellation. I told them it was their mistake and said that I would report them to the credit card company. The rep went back to the manager and said that he wont be charging me for cancellation…

  17. Kim

    Hi, this is Wright. It happened with me. I called their superviser they told me that they will charge $ 75 for cancellation between 2 hours. I have proof of cancellation policy , it show there is no charge within 24 hours. Now they charge me. It is realy hurt.

  18. Nhan

    hi everybody, it happened to me today too. I canceled within an hour but they charged $50. After couples conversation on phone they finally keep my $50. I’m so upset and piss off. Do NOT book airline ticket through Cheapoair plz..!!!!

  19. Evelyn

    Do not book with CheapOAir!!!!!!. The 24 hrs cancellation is deceiving do not fall for it. They will take your money. What a scam. I lost my job, my employer did not pay me what is due to me, struggling to get low cost airfare going home and now a victim of CheapOAir. They charged me $225 for cancellation fee after 10 minutes of booking. Found out that there were no available seats next to each other for 3 of us (family).

  20. Stacie Gorfinkel

    **** note — say you are cancelling due to Zika Virus threat if applicable.


    Even though they waived the cancellation fee for my canceling within three hours of making my reservation– because I said I was afraid of getting the Zika virus and am legitimately pregnant. However, this is not acceptable company policy. Mark my words— somebody will sue for misrepresention at some point.

  21. surya prakash poudel

    Robbed by Cheap O air, i am gonna delete my account and delete this apps.

  22. dasantha

    Booked two tickets same to the airport for both departure and arrival. But after I finish credit card payment I realized that departure and arrival airports are different. I was changed automatically by their poor system. I chatted with help desk soon and she said cancellation fee will be 10$ per person. Then I asked this cost will be valid for all time. She said yes. So didn’t bother about cancellation on that moment. But today after 2 weeks (trip is another 3 months ahead) I start to chat with help desk to cancel my booking. Then he said cancellation fee will be USD250 per ticket. After arguing with them they gave me 25USD discount per ticket. So I had to pay 500USD to cancel two tickets. (booking date is 3 months ahead). This is my first time I used Cheapoair and will never use or recommend this scammers.

  23. Courtney

    I cancelled with CheapOair within an hour of booking with them and was charged 150$!!! Needless to say even with that 150$ charge, booking through frontier airlines directly was cheaper. I paid 692$ for 3 people through frontier direct site. CheapOair APPEARED the cheapest through all my research but was 980$. I took the 150$ cancellation fee because that 150 fee plus my new 692 flight still adds up cheaper than what i paid them. Also everyone is right. They take forever to refund your money but have no problem taking that fee immediately instead of deducting it through your refund which i THOUGHT would be the case. Never again!

  24. Fah

    I had the same issue. Will never use cheapoair ever again. They just told me they will be charging $250 for cancellation.

  25. Ninu

    WARNING— PLS DONT BOOK FROM THIS COMPANY- I am so upset with this horrible company. They messed up my destination and I called them back within 1 hr and and now they are saying there is a cancellation fees for all my 4 tickets. Over phone that representative who booked my tickets told me nothing about the fees, when I asked specifically if their is any fees.SCAMMERS I wish I could post this in their site itself.

    1. Ninu

      Update from my side- After having nearly 2.5hrs of talking with customer care support of cheapoair. I finally got refunded for the flight charges. I am still waiting for the service charge($400) to be refunded by cheapoair, which as per representative they will TRY to refund me within 24 hrs . So now I have lessened my anger towards them but I still warn people to not book through them.

  26. Ninu

    Update from my side- After having nearly 2.5hrs of talking with customer care support of cheapoair. I finally got refunded for the flight charges. I am still waiting for the service charge to be refunded by cheapoair. Since they have did that I have lessened my anger towards them but I still warn people to not book through them.


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