Aspire Lounge 41 (AMS)

Aspire Lounge 41 AMS

If you are flying through Amsterdam and have a Priority Pass through either Amex Platinum or Citi Prestige, you will have access to the Aspire Lounge 41 AMS.  If you do not have a Priority Pass membership, you can also pay for a one day membership (looks like it is around $32 USD); however there are enough other options at AMS that I would not suggest paying for the lounge.  Go gamble your entrance fee at the airport casino (yes, it exists).  The Aspire Lounge 41 AMS also is used by Singapore Airlines as their Business Class Lounge.

The Aspire Lounge 41 AMS is located on the upper floor of the main Terminal by the start of the E Gates.  Follow the signs to “Airline Lounge 41”.  It is next to the British Airways lounge if that helps.

Aspire Lounge 41 AMSAspire Lounge 41 AMS

The decor is modern and the furniture in good shape, although some of the fixtures are a bit abstract.  The light fixtures over the check in desk remind me of inflated condoms.

When I was there mid day on a Sunday it was quite busy however I was still able to find seating by the window that has a good view for plane spotting.

20160508_080014 Aspire Lounge 41 AMS

There were a few basic food options though nothing really captured my attention.  Definitely just snacks, I wouldn’t plan on eating a meal in the lounge.  They may put out more food later in the day.  There was a hot tray/buffet but nothing was in it.

Aspire Lounge 41 AMS

There was also a self service bar with hard alcohol, soft drinks/juice, wine and beer on tap.

20160508_080215 Aspire Lounge 41 AMS

If you have some time to kill and want a place to sit down, the lounge will do.  However there are a lot of other more interesting places to visit in AMS that I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit the Aspire Lounge 41 AMS.

Open from 6:00am-11:30pm.  Aspire Lounge 41 AMS is the glassed in area sitting on top of the building in the photo below.

Aspire Lounge 41 AMS

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