Aviator Lounge (CPH)

Aviator Lounge CPH

There are two terminals at Copenhagen Airport (CPH), Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 that are connected and passengers are free to go from one to the other.  There are technically five lounges at CPH; two are SAS lounges which is based at CPH, the other three are not directly run by an airline.  I had access through my Priority Pass membership to the Aviator and Aspire lounges in Terminal 2; however as I had an early flight, Aviator Lounge CPH was the only one open (marked number 2 below).

Map of CPH
The Aviator Lounge CPH is located on the mezzanine floor above the shopping in Terminal 2. After security, take a right (you can cut through the Duty Free for a shortcut).  You will see a sign and stair case; the entrance to both the Aviator Lounge CPH and Apartments are located together.

Aviator Lounge CPHAviator Lounge CPHAviator Lounge CPH

As the sign shows, not only is the Aviator Lounge CPH lounge accessible to folks with Priority Pass membership but also to passengers flying business class on many airlines.

At the top of the stairs is a desk where you check in; I just had to show my Priority Pass which they scanned and I signed for.

You first walk through the kitchen area where they have self service beverages including Carlsberg on tap and my favorite Schweppes Lemon.


Food offerings (at least at breakfast) were minimal; they had some sliced meat and cheese, cold cereal and fruit as well as a large area of breads.  I tried the Danishes which were quite good (I would hope since this is Denmark).

20160508_050503 20160508_050225 20160508_050220 Aviator Lounge CPH

There was then seating on the same level as the food/drink offerings as well as a lower section that looked out at the runway.

20160508_051636 20160508_050207 Aviator Lounge CPH

There were a few iMac computers for use.  The furniture was in decent shape though the arm chairs were well worn and had seen better days.

The restroom was back by the check in desk.

Overall the lounge was relatively clean (although I was there at opening).  The Aviator Lounge CPH would not be a lounge I would seek out but is fine for a place to spend 30 minutes waiting for your flight to board.  I believe the Aspire Lounge is newer so would suggest checking it out instead.  Both lounges are a bit of a trek from some of the gates, so give yourself time to get where you are going.

Open from 5:00am-8:30pm.

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