New Alaska Airlines Board Room at SeaTac North Satellite

It is finally here!  The new Alaska Airlines Board Room at SeaTac North Satellite is set to open on November 5th.  UPDATE: Looks like it is now scheduled for November 10.  Here are some updated photos.  This is great news for those that travel in and out of Seattle.  Currently the only Board Room is located between the C and D gates, quite a trek to the North Satellite where many Alaska flights leave from.

The new Board Room is actually planned as a temporary location until the remodel and expansion of the North Satellite is complete in 2020.  Note that is the planned date; my guess is it will be delayed.  The new North Satellite will have an expanded Board Room on the second floor.

New Alaska Airlines Board Room at SeaTac North Satellite
Concept design of new North Satellite

Construction has been moving forward on the temporary location for some time.  This is my post from June.  But it seems like with the official opening announced, travelers will have a lounge option in the North Satellite at last.  United had a lounge in the basement, but that closed a few years back.

The new lounge is between the N1 and N2 gates and is to be open 5:30am – 10:30pm.  You can access the Board Room if you are a paid Board Room member, through Priority Pass (Amex Platinum or Citi Prestige cardholders get this for free), or by purchasing a one day pass.

Here is a video that Alaska posted of the new space:

I’ll report back once I have had a chance to visit the new Alaska Airlines Board Room at SeaTac North Satellite.

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