Free weekend rental with Avis

By | April 7, 2015

Here is an easy way to get a free weekend rental with Avis good for a two-day, full size rental.

In the past I wrote about how easy it is to get free status with rental car companies if you have a MasterCard World Elite, including the popular Arrival + card.

For Avis, you are given Avis First status.  One of the perks of Avis First is that upon “earning” the status you receive a coupon code for a free weekend rental.  Approximately 14 days after activating your Avis First account, you will receive your code via email.  You can then book your weekend online.  I ended up paying $2.20 in taxes/fees.  Note you won’t earn miles or points, but for a two-day car rental that I can pay for with change I find in my couch cushions, I can’t complain!

Free weekend rental with Avis

3 thoughts on “Free weekend rental with Avis

  1. Andrew

    Great tip! When does the coupon code for the free weekend expire?

    1. Single Flyer Post author

      To be honest it isn’t clear. The Terms and Conditions spelled out in the email I received with the coupon for the free rental didn’t have an expiration date. Elsewhere online I found something that said 6 months after it is issued. Like all good deals; I would suggest using it sooner than later. You never know when programs will change.


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