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Free weekend rental with Avis

Here is an easy way to get a free weekend rental with Avis good for a two-day, full size rental.

In the past I wrote about how easy it is to get free status with rental car companies if you have a MasterCard World Elite, including the popular Arrival + card.

For Avis, you are given Avis First status.  One of the perks of Avis First is that upon “earning” the status you receive a coupon code for a free weekend rental.  Approximately 14 days after activating your Avis First account, you will receive your code via email.  You can then book your weekend online.  I ended up paying $2.20 in taxes/fees.  Note you won’t earn miles or points, but for a two-day car rental that I can pay for with change I find in my couch cushions, I can’t complain!

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