Alaska Airlines app update

Alaska Airlines app update Alaska Airlines released their latest iOS mobile app today.  Alaska Airlines app update 4.1.7 now offers a digital version of users’ Mileage Plan membership card as well as Board Room membership card.  Both can be added to your Apple Wallet. Typically I don’t carry my Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan card when … Read more

iPad Mini 4 for $269

iPad Mini 4 for $269

I recently posted about a way to get an iPad Mini 2 for $150.  A brand new iPad Mini was recently released.  For the next two weeks you can get an iPad Mini 4 for $269 and 1,345 Ultimate Rewards.  Currently the iPad Mini 4 16GB is selling for about $384 on Amazon through Fulfilled … Read more

$150 iPad Today

Time for a quick post on how to get a $150 iPad Mini 2 today.  EDIT: Looks like they are extending the sale for another week! Walmart is currently selling the iPad Mini 2 for $199. A good deal on its own, but you can price match to Staples in store (or online, but for the … Read more

Best iPhone 6s feature for travelers

I am a complete Apple fanboy.  Most of the time when Apple comes out with a new product, I can’t wait to hand over my money for it.  I had been using my trusty iPhone 5s for two years.  I was on the fence about upgrading until I found out about one feature, the best … Read more

iPhone 6s will be the last “s” model

I make it no secret that I am an Apple fan.  Today Apple announced the newest iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 6s.  I believe the iPhone 6s will be the last “s” model iPhone that Apple releases. Ever since the release of the iPhone 3G (the second generation iPhone back in 2008), Apple alternates new phone … Read more

A warning about iPad Resale

iPad Resale

I am a huge Apple guy.  I have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, etc.  I worked for Apple for a short time in 2008 (but do not any more… I have no inside scoop, sorry).  iPads also have been a staple (pun) in my manufactured spend and resale game for meeting minimum spend on credit … Read more