iPad Mini 4 for $269

I recently posted about a way to get an iPad Mini 2 for $150.  A brand new iPad Mini was recently released.  For the next two weeks you can get an iPad Mini 4 for $269 and 1,345 Ultimate Rewards.  Currently the iPad Mini 4 16GB is selling for about $384 on Amazon through Fulfilled By Amazon.  Even with fees, you can stand to make almost $100 on this deal.

This week Staples is advertising the iPad Mini 4 for $299 however it is not available at that price online and the stores around me don’t have it in stock.  However, any store that will price match a Staples ad should honor this.

iPad Mini 4 for $269

I wouldn’t usually suggest purchasing items to resell from Target (office supply stores are much better so you can get your 5x Ultimate Rewards).  They often limit the number of items you can purchase due to resellers obsession with Target fashion.  However, this week they have a 10% off iPads through their Cartwheel App.  While the Staples ad is only good for two days (yesterday and today), Target’s policy is to price match an ad up to 14 days later.

iPad Mini 4 for $269

I was able to get my local Target to not only price match the iPad Mini 4 to $299 but also apply the Cartwheel coupon.  It seems that the computer system they use is hard coded to use the Cartwheel coupons even during a price match.  Double dip away!  Of course your mileage may vary.

To make it even more lucrative; I first purchased a Target gift card from Staples online with my Chase INK card for 5x Ultimate Rewards.

You can purchase an iPad Mini 4 for $269 (plus tax, depending on your location) and also earn 1,345 Ultimate Reward points (that I value at 2 cents a piece).  You can sell the same iPad for about $380 through FBA.  After fees you should be able to bring in a profit of about $90 plus 1,345 UR (worth $26 or so).

IMG_0441 (1)

Not a bad deal, especially if you can scale it up.

UPDATE: I tried my luck again tonight at a different Target.  They only had one iPad Mini 4 16 GB in stock.  I had to do price match at the customer service desk.  The goofballs working were, well, less than competent.  They had a “Price Check App” on an iPad at the counter.  They couldn’t get it to work, so an employee ended up pulling up the Staples ad on his phone.

The process took so long they ended up giving me two $3 off certificates that I was able to use immediately.  Unfortunately this customer service team said that the Cartwheel discount could not be used with price match.  So this iPad ended up costing me $24 more than the one I purchased earlier.

However interestingly enough today is Wednesday and the Staples ad specified the price was only good for Sunday and Monday.  That didn’t seem to concern the cashier.

Goes to show that YMMV with this deal.

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    • Thanks Shawn. The Customer Service employee at my Target may have been confused; he was willing to price match as long as the ad was less than 14 days old. Clearly a YMMV 🙂


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