$150 iPad Today

Time for a quick post on how to get a $150 iPad Mini 2 today.  EDIT: Looks like they are extending the sale for another week!

Walmart is currently selling the iPad Mini 2 for $199.

$150 iPad

A good deal on its own, but you can price match to Staples in store (or online, but for the deal you need to do it in store) to the same $199.

On top of that, if you use Apple Pay with Discover, you will get 10% back now, and an additional 10% back in a year for a total of 20% back (possibly 22% back, but let’s just make it easy).  That is $40 off the price; brining it down to $160.

Plus, if you are a Staples Rewards Member you can get 5% back in the form of Rewards to use on a future purchase at Staples.  That is a $10 Staples Reward.  That brings the price own to essentially $150.

If you need an iPad, this is a great deal.  Of course you could also make some money on it by selling it on Amazon through FBA.  Current price is $232.

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