Primeclass Lounge Frankfurt (FRA)

Primeclass Lounge Frankfurt

The Primeclass Lounge Frankfurt is located in Terminal 2 in the E Gates area.  It is at the end by Gate E9; you’ll pass by a number of other lounges to get there.

Note that you must go through security after the lounge, so make sure you build in that time when visiting.

I visited before my flight to Belgrade around 5:15pm.  When I arrived, the lounge was completely empty.

The lounge staff was extremely friendly and I think glad to have a customer.  He made me a special cocktail and brought me a brownie.  He kept telling me that anything I need he would get for me.  A different experience than most Priority Pass lounges that is for sure!

The lounge itself isn’t that big.  It is just one main room with a bar against the windows.

Towards the entrance is a separate TV room, I was able to use this to make a Zoom call.

During my visit there were four different hot items available and a selection of cold items.  Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available.

I was happy to find a quiet space and the service was wonderful.  If you have a Priority Pass, you can also visit the Priority Lounge next door.

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