Hyatt Regency Belgrade Review

Hyatt Regency Belgrade Review

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has come a long way since being the target of NATO bombings in 1999.  It is a lively and modern city that still has a bit of Yugoslavian grit.

The Hyatt Regency opened in 1989 and has 282 rooms and suites across 8 floors.  I was able to book my first two nights with points.  It is a Category 1 hotel and for my dates was only 3,500 World of Hyatt points.  My third night was 6,500 points so I opted to pay cash of $112 USD all in.


Belgrade is divided in to Old Town and New Town by the Sava River.  The Hyatt Regency is located in New Town; which isn’t ideal for tourists.

From the airport, a taxi will run you about 2,000 dinars (about $18 USD).

With that said, using Car:Go you can get in to most areas of town for less than $8.  There is also a bus and tram station just in front of the hotel with many options for getting in to town.  Note that while Google Maps tells you the right bus/tram to take, the times are NOT at all standard so be prepared to wait or take a different route.

You could also walk in to Old Town but you’d have to cross one of the bridges which are busy with cars.  I never walked to town; it just didn’t feel like it would be an enjoyable walk.

You can walk to the Ušće Mall which is across the road.  It is a modern mall with a cinema.  There is also a large park along the river that is easily accessible.

Check In

I arrived quite late after a delayed flight.  There was no one in line and I was quickly checked in.  I had a package sent earlier to the hotel (a replacement debit card) and as soon as the staff saw my name he went and retrieved it.

He also let me know I had been upgraded to a Regency King Suite as a Globalist.  He tried to set up my key to continue to work across all three nights (which were each a different reservation), but for some reason on my third night my key stopped working.

The lobby is open to the basement level with a water feature.  There is a skylight that lets in a lot of natural light.  It isn’t a modern lobby but it is pleasant.

Regency Suite

I was assigned Room 803 on the top floor of the hotel.  Room key is needed to access guest floors in the old elevator.

As you enter the Regency Suite, you are in the living room area with couches and a TV.

The TV is mounted on a strange freestanding wall.

Opposite the windows is a desk and book shelf that holds the coffee set up and mini bar.

The bedroom can be completely closed off with sliding doors.

The bed faces another TV.  The bedroom is a triangle shape and a lounger is set up in the point of the triangle.

There are windows along two edges of the triangle that give you views of the surrounding neighborhood (which isn’t particularly scenic).

There is a built in closet just before the bathroom.


The bathroom is dated but in good shape.  As you enter, the double vanity is on the left.

A separate shower and tub, as well as the toilet, are on the right.

The shower only had a single wall mounted shower head.  As often happens in hotels; I found that the shower was not great at containing water and I had to put a couple towels down to stop the water from flooding the bathroom.

All of the bath products are the traditional Pharmacopia in large quantities.

Regency Club

The Regency Club is located on Floor 7 but has stairs up to Floor 8.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant rather than the Club, but they do have evening snacks available.  Not hot dishes, just cold snacks and desserts.

The Regency Club has a view of the Ušće mall and towers.  Interestingly, the tower on the left was formerly a government office and was bombed by NATO.  Somehow the building survived and was restored and is now an office building.  Later the second tower and mall were added.


Globalist breakfast is served in the Metropolitan Grill off of the lobby.  It is a buffet with eggs and a few other dishes made to order.  I was there over a weekend and it was quite busy in the morning.  The food was very high quality and a very good breakfast for a Regency.

Their orange juice was fresh squeezed which is always appreciated.  Their made to order waffles were some of the best I’ve ever had (and basically a dessert).

There is a second restaurant, the Tea House, also off of the lobby.  I didn’t try it but it offers another option for dinner.

Spa, Pool & Gym

The spa area is located one floor down from the lobby.  The pool and jacuzzi are indoors.

The gym is just beside the pool.  The locker rooms offer steam room and sauna.


While the Hyatt Regency Belgrade is an older property, it is well maintained and offers great service.  The location isn’t ideal for touring the city, but it is a quick taxi ride to the Old Town.  The breakfast is fantastic for a Regency property.  At a Category 1, the property is a steal; especially if you can find a date for only 3,500 points.

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