Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge (DOH)

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Doha

The Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is Qatar Airways’ huge lounge at their hub airport.  Typically only passengers flying Business or First Class on a Qatar or oneworld flight can access the lounge.  Elite status does not get you in while flying Economy unless you buy a pass.  However, with other lounges being closed currently due to COVID, those with oneworld status (Sapphire or Emerald) can access the lounge while flying in Economy on Qatar free of charge.

The lounge is located directly above the transfer security area.  After you clear security, either take the escalators down and immediately turn to your right and take the next escalator up; or find the elevator and go up to the lounge.

If you are already in the terminal, when looking at the front of the bear lamp, the entrance to the lounge is behind you to the left.

A long escalator takes you up to the third floor lounge check in area.

This part can be a bit chaotic, but have some patience and someone will scan your boarding card, put a stamp on it, and allow you in.

The main section of the lounge is wide open with a pool/fountain to the right and a platformed seating area to the left.  Seating fills in around the perimeter along with beverage and snack stations.

Up the stairs is the restaurant.  Right now at least it is a combination of full service and buffet.  Some items and drinks can be ordered by a server while other items require you go pick them up.  The buffet portion either has someone serving the food to you or is self service but completely packaged to avoid germs.

There is also a bar.  I believe the entire restaurant is open 24/7.

I had both dinner and then breakfast the following morning.  For dinner there is a sushi and salad bar in addition to various other more standard options.  Lots of deserts available as well.

Back down on the main floor of the lounge and at the other end is a second restaurant — more of a cafe with sandwiches.

This cafe area is also important as there is a hall just past the service bar that takes you to the bathrooms, shower rooms, and quiet room.

While there is another shower area near the bathrooms in the main lounge area, the more hidden shower area off the cafe was less busy during my visit and I didn’t have to wait to get in.

The quiet room has “pods” that you can request.  If they are full, they do not have a waitlist; you literally have to wait until one opens up.  Though they should have an idea based on flight times when one will open.  I was able to get one around midnight until the morning of my flight.

The quiet room pods have a long couch that is comfortable enough for a nap, though no blankets or sheets or pillows are provided.  There is also a chair with footstool, TV, and storage area.  Note that the pods are not full enclosed and have class along one side so there is limited privacy.  Still, if you put some earplugs in and put on an eye mask it can be a comfortable place to rest for a few hours.   Sorry for the terrible photo but it gives you an idea of the layout.

There is also a business center off the middle of the lounge and a small enclosed smoking room to one side.

Those that like plane spotting would want to sit at the end of the lounge under the restaurant though you won’t see a ton of different airlines.

Overall the huge Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is a great space to get some food and kill some time between flights.  It isn’t a lounge that I would purposefully plan my flights around in order to spend hours there, but it is clean and well staffed.  There are a few employees stationed in the bathroom to clean each stall between guests.

As far as Business Class lounges, I would say it rates up with the best I have visited.  Personally I still prefer Cathay Pacific’s Business Class Lounges such as The Deck.  But Qatar does a great job and it is a nice compliment to their fantastic flight product.

Have you visited the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge in Doha?  What was your impression?




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