Mera Business Lounge (CUN)

Mera Business Lounge Cancun

Your lounge options at Cancun International Airport (CUN) are very limited.  Leaving out of Terminal 3, your only option is the Mera Business Lounge.  The good news is that it is accessible with Priority Pass.


Once through security, go through the Duty Free shopping.  At the exit to Duty Free, turn to your right and walk towards Bubba Gump.  When you get to Bubba Gump, face the Convenience Store and turn towards Gate C17 (to your right).  The Mera Business Lounge is down the short hall and to the left.

Mera Business Lounge Cancun


The Mera Business Lounge at Terminal 3 is a pretty standard airport lounge but recent updates give it a modern feel.  There are no windows so it isn’t a place you will probably want to spend much time.  But if you want to grab a bite to eat and a drink, log in to free Wifi and relax, this place will work fine.

Mera Business Lounge Cancun

The seating, although relatively new, is not in great shape.  It is a bit dirty and I saw quite a few stains.

The food was actually better than I thought.  I was there for both the breakfast and lunch hours.  Breakfast included a number of warm options: sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs.  There is also a waffle maker.  Cold options include fruit, yogurt and cereal.

For lunch the warm options were chicken strips and steamed vegetables.  Cold options include sandwiches and a salad bar.

Mera Business Lounge Cancun

The bar is self serve.  A couple of beer and wine selections are available in addition to a full bar and sodas.

Mera Business Lounge Cancun

There are restrooms but no showers.

The Mera Business Lounge Cancun is not worth arriving at the airport.  However, if you have some time to kill before a flight, it isn’t a bad place to relax and connect to Wifi.

Mera Business Lounge Cancun

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