Minute Suites (DFW)

Minute Suites at DFW

Minute Suites DFW

It just so happened that my recent DFW-SEA American Airlines flight left from Gate A37, one gate down from the Minute Suites at DFW Terminal A.  Typically when I am at DFW I spend my layover in the Centurion Lounge.  However, I wanted to check out the Minute Suites so I left Terminal D a bit early to try it out.


Minute Suites DFW

Minute Suites has two locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.  The first location is in Terminal D by Gate D23.  I visited their second location in Terminal A by Gate A38.  It is at the very end of the terminal, so isn’t very convenient for a quick layover.  However, the Minute Suites are not really designed for a quick layover anyway.


Priority Pass gets you 1-hour of Minute Suite use.  If you want to stay longer, it will cost you an addition $28 per hour.  You must also present a credit card for incidentals (water, damages) and payment if you go over your hour.

Otherwise the Minute Suites can be rented for $42 an hour with discounts for longer stays.  However if you have that long of a layover, I would suggest checking the rates at the Grand Hyatt or Hyatt Regency that are located at the airport.

The Minute Suites at Terminal D also offer showers for an additional $20.


The Minute Suites feel like a waiting room in a hospital.  They are quite sterile (which is a good thing) and really set up for taking a nap.

Along one wall is a couch that can be folded out as a day bed.  Clean pillows are provided.  There are also blankets available.  I am not sure if they are cleaned between guests or not.  I did see the staff cleaning a suite; it looked like the disinfect the day bed at least.

Against the other wall is a work station and wall mounted TV screen.  The TV is also equipped with Roku, which allows the guest to watch Netflix (included) and DirectTV.

Wifi is provided.

DFW Minute Suites

Each Suite has it’s own climate control as well as white noise machine.  My suite had a small window as well.

There is no food or beverage provided.  You can bring in your own should you choose.  Water is available for purchase.

There is no restroom in the Minute Suites.  You are given a key card that allows you to lock/unlock your suite; if you need to use the toilet it is the next gate over.

While I prefer the Centurion Lounge, if you are looking for a place to get a quick nap in before your flight, the Minute Suites would be just fine.  With Priority Pass you could have a 2-hour stay for $28.  Not a terrible deal if you want to sleep in a private, quite place.

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