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While I had visited the casino and buffet at Wynn Las Vegas, my first stay wasn’t until I received an offer for $219/night on the weekend with a free night if I came back in 3 months. I liked the casino and buffet at Wynn Las Vegas, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out the hotel.  My previous stays in Vegas were usually at Mlife properties so I was excited to try a new location.

Check In: Everything from booking the rooms to check in went smooth; I checked in on a Friday night and only waited perhaps 5 minutes. My room was on the 34th floor in a Panorama room.  There was a bit of a walk from check in to the elevators; having to walk through most of the casino.  A security guard was stationed at the elevators to check to make sure guests had a room card.

Wynn Las Vegas


Room:  The room was bigger than it looked on the website. As you walk in, the bathroom is the first door on the right (or left if in a reversed room).  Keep walking and you have a large closet before you get to the bed/living area. There is a nice couch with footstool as well as a table and two chairs and a desk. I never even turned on the TV, but it was mounted on the wall above the dresser/mini bar. All very modern and clean.


The bed was fantastic.  Controls for the lights (all on, dim, etc) as well as the curtains are right next to the bed. You can turn on the “Do Not Disturb” sign from your bed.  The only issue I ran into was that there is no place to charge your phone; I had to hunt for an extension cord that was hidden under the bed. It would be nice to have USB or power outlets on the bedside table. But the bed was very comfy with great linens (including amazing, plush towels, no sign of wear like you get at other hotels).

I loved the floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows. Although it isn’t the perfect view of the strip, you can still see many of the big hotels. I wasn’t sold on the framed pop art on the walls of the room, but it is what it is… others may love it.

Bathroom:  The room had a very large bathroom, with walk in shower, huge soaking tub, two sinks with great bath products and a separate toilet.

Pool:  The pool was the best pool I’ve ever been to in Vegas. It is huge, but shaped basically like a dumbbell – two large circular pools at the ends and a long, canal like pool that connects the two circular pools. I enjoyed sitting along the “canal” as it felt more private and you could go from your padded sun lounger to the pool in two steps. Lovely grounds all around the pool as well, and bridges across the “canal” give you some shade if you so desire. The pool is close to the guest elevators, I would suggest getting off at the Spa level so you don’t have to walk through the casino.

Wynn Las Vegas

Location:  The location of Wynn is not ideal; however to be honest there really is no reason to leave the complex unless you want to go to a show. But, everything is either a long walk away or a taxi ride, so be aware of that.

Bottom Line:  My only mistake was I stayed 2 nights at Wynn Las Vegas before moving to Mandalay Bay. It made Mandalay Bay feel like the Motel 6 in comparison.

Wynn Las Vegas is my new favorite place to stay in Vegas, it beats out Aria (now my second favorite). The downside is that you do not get credit towards your Hyatt Gold Passport account.  They Wynn is expensive in comparison to other Vegas hotels, but well worth it if you want to treat yourself right.

Since my first stay at Wynn I went back and tried the Encore (the connected hotel).  While a bit newer, I found everything about the Wynn Las Vegas just a bit nicer than Encore.

Wynn Las Vegas
Room at Encore

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