Mlife Hyatt status match

mLife Platinum Players Card
mLife Platinum Players Card

Using the Mlife Hyatt status match is a great way to immediately gain status with two great loyalty programs.

I am still relatively new to the loyalty game.  However, one of the best deals I have found so far is with Mlife, the Las Vegas loyalty club for the MGM Mirage properties.

Mlife has a partnership with a number of companies outside of Las Vegas, including Hyatt.  If you are an Mlife member (and you should be if you have been to Vegas even once), you can status match with Hyatt’s Gold Passport program.  This means not only can you earn points for Hyatt when you stay in Vegas (5 Hyatt Gold points for every $1 you spend at an Mlife resort), but you can also get the perks of a higher tier status with Hyatt, assuming you have spent some money in Vegas.  Likewise, if you have status with Hyatt, you can match your status to Mlife.

If you reach Gold status (or above) in Mlife, they will status match you to Platinum Hyatt status.  This will allow you to have access to free wifi at Hyatt, bonus points, and room upgrades.  Visit the Mlife website for more info and to tier match.

Mlife Hyatt status match
Tier matching going from mLife status to Hyatt status

Likewise, if you have Hyatt Platinum or Diamond status or above you can instantly gain status with Mlife for your next trip to Vegas.  All you have to do is visit their program website.

Hyatt status to mLife status
Tier matching going from Hyatt status to mLife status

Having mLife status will allow you room upgrades, discounts and bonus reward points, VIP check-in, as well as other perks (free entrance to the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, for example).  There is no reason not to status match if you have status with either Hyatt or Mlife.

Furthermore, if you have earned Mlife status of Platinum or above, you are also entitled to a free 3+ day cruise on Royal Caribbean through their partnership.  I am planning on taking my free cruise this summer and will report back here on that experience.

Enjoy the benefits through the Mlife Hyatt status match.

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