Cirque du Soleil – Single Entertainment

Not all the Cirque characters are this creepy (or annoying)
Not all the Cirque characters are this creepy (or annoying)

One of my favorite places to travel is Vegas.  I have a great time going with friends, but going alone is a great option if you have the right mindset.  There are a lot of single travelers in Vegas for conferences and work, so you will not feel out of place going solo. In my circle of friends and co-workers, I have become known as the Vegas expert and the go-to for advice on hotels, restaurants and entertainment.

In upcoming posts I will focus on activities in Vegas for the solo traveler, but I wanted to start with one of my favorite forms of entertainment:  Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas.  I will rank them from least to most favorite.

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Finance travel through airbnb

finance travel through airbnb

When you are single and traveling; it is likely that you are leaving behind an empty home.  Many people think to use Airbnb or VRBO for a lodging while traveling; but renting out your house, condo, or apartment can be a source of money to cover your travel expenses.  Learn how … Read more

An Introduction to SingleFlyer

I have been an avid reader of various travel blogs over the past few years and have found that reading about others’ experiences has helped me appreciate my own travel. Travel is not a new love; growing up the night before a trip was more exciting than the night before Christmas.  The discovery … Read more