New York New York Soho Premier King Review

New York New York Soho Premier King Review

New York New York Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opened in 1997 and really hasn’t changed much in 25+ years.  It still has the Manhattan theme in the casino, still has the roller coaster, still has the small pool, still has the arcade.  Restaurants and shows have changed and they added the horrible Hershey’s store.  The rooms, however, were essentially untouched for 25 years which is a LONG time for a hotel.

I stayed at New York New York a few times about 10 years ago.  The rooms were dated at that point and I stopped staying there.

Finally in 2022 they started a $63 million refresh of the roughly 2,000 rooms.  I had a free stay offer so I decided to check out one of the new Soho Premier rooms.

There are two level of rooms – Soho and Soho Premier.  The Premier rooms are slightly larger and have a hardwood type flooring.

I arrived late on a Friday night.  My room, 1535, was ready earlier in the day according to my app.  I printed my room keys at one of the kiosks after checking in online, and headed up to my room.

Not only have the rooms been updated, but so have the halls.  They feel a bit like the Linq to me – budget modern.

1535 is a nice location because it only has one common wall as it is at the end of the hall of one of the towers.

As you enter the room, the bathroom is on the right and a mirror and some hooks on a newspaper wallpaper are on the left.

The other feature wall is made up of wallpaper that looks like old posters.

The room feels large.  The bed has a taxi cab yellow accent.  The wall behind the bed has brick pattern wallpaper.

There is an arm chair in one corner and a table and two chairs against the window.  The windows have both a sheer and black out curtain.

The bed faces a TV and open closet/wardrobe.  There is space to hang a few items, a couple of drawers, and a safe.  The TV has back/up lighting.  Both this lighting and the lighting near the beds are controlled by a push button.

There are USB and USB-C plugs on either side of the bed along with standard US power outlets.  The air conditioning keeps the room cool but it turns off if there is no movement in the room, so in the middle of the night it went off while I was sleeping.

The solid floors with a small carpet square under the bed is very nice and gives it a higher end feel.  I wish every hotel room had solid flooring.


The bathroom has received some minor superficial upgrades — including new wallpaper, mirror and light.  Everything else is the original including a tub/shower combo with only a wall mounted shower head.  I’m sure they decided renovating the bathroom would not provide a high enough return on investment.

The updates to the rooms at New York New York are much needed.  It isn’t a huge update like the Park MGM received.  This keeps the property on par with Luxor and MGM Grand.  A step up from Excalibur but a step down from Park MGM or Mandalay Bay.  I really like the feel of the casino at the property, and now with the room refresh, I won’t hesitate to stay at the hotel if the price is right.

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