Flight Attendants Body Cams on Alaska Airlines?

Flight Attendants Body Cams on Alaska Airlines?

I was on a Friday night flight from Seattle to Las Vegas recently.  Out of the hundreds of flights each week, I would guess this flight has the highest probability of having disruptive passengers (Friday night + alcohol + Vegas).

One of the flight attendants had a small device attached to her shirt.  It was approximately 2″x2″ square with a pattern in Alaska Airlines colors on the front.  There was a small green flashing light and what looked like a camera lens.  There was also a dial or button on the right size.  It looked similar to what I have mocked up below:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a photo of the device or ask the flight attendant.  It is possible it was some sort of personal device (my thought was maybe some sort of insulin pump?), so I didn’t want to get too nosey.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see flight attendants start wearing body cameras with the bad behavior that has been rising since the pandemic.

I am working on getting a response from Alaska Airlines to see if this is a new policy or program that they are piloting at this time.

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