Brightline Premium Class Miami to Fort Lauderdale Review

Brightline Premium Class Miami to Fort Lauderdale Review

After my Virgin Voyages cruise, I was flying out of Fort Lauderdale.  I decided to take the Brightline train from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.  Brightline is a high speed train that goes from Miami to West Palm Beach (soon to be Orlando).

A Smart (economy) ticket was $21 for one way.  A Premium ticket was $35 for one way.  For the extra $14, the Premium ticket included Uber to and from the station, access to the station lounge, more leg room, free beverage and snacks.

Unfortunately, my Uber to the station never came so I had to purchase my own.  I changed my ticket a few hours before and it didn’t properly update the Uber request.

Upon arrival at the station in Miami, I spoke to a customer service agent to make sure that an Uber would be there to pick me up in Fort Lauderdale.  The station is very modern and clean.

The lounge is on the second floor (tracks are on the third floor) after security.  To get access to the lounge, you just scan your ticket and the gate lets you in.

There are snacks along with self serve beverages.  You can get a free glass of wine or beer.

When the train arrived, an announcement was made and I made my way up to the tracks.

The display said Track 2 but my train was actually on Track 3.

Car 1 was the Premium car.  The cars are very modern, clean and bright.

Seats are reserved and you get to pick your seat ahead of time.  It is set up in a 1-2 configuration, so as someone traveling alone, it was nice to not have to sit next to anyone.  However, the train had lots of empty seats anyway.

There is plenty of storage above the seats as well as at the end of the car.

The train attendance checked tickets and then gave each passenger a moist towel.

There were menus at the seat that showed the available snacks.

Each passenger was given snack box that included some cheese, apple slices, and crackers.

Signage alerted passengers of the next station.

There was a bathroom in the car that seemed clean.

We arrived on time to Fort Lauderdale.  The station there is smaller but just as clean and modern.

The had good signage about transportation options, and my Uber arrived about 7 minutes after I arrived.

Taking the Brightline saved me a bit over taking an Uber; but honestly not enough versus the amount of extra time it took.  Going to Palm Beach or Orlando, or traveling to Fort Lauderdale during rush hour, would make a ton of sense.  But it was a comfortable ride and if the Uber had picked me up as planned, it would have been seamless.

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