Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Ship Review

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Ship Review

While I have written other posts about the restaurants, entertainment, and cabin on the Scarlet Lady, I thought I would post about some of the other public areas of the ship not already covered.

Elevators and Stairs

There are three sets of elevators and stairs — Forward, Mid and Aft.  Each are colored differently to remind you where you are.  My cabin was midship so I used the red Mid elevators and stairs the most.

There was signage to show you what was on each floor and arrows to point you in the direction throughout the hallways.

There is no grand atrium like on many ships, instead you have the two story Roundabout that is at the heart of the ship and connects Deck 6 & 7.


On the Scarlet Lady, this can be a bit controversial as the pools are small.  There are two pools, both on Deck 15.

The main pool is rectangular with most of the area being less than a foot deep and the deep end only being the size of a large hot tub.  There is no lap swimming on the Scarlet Lady.

The other pool looks more like a large hot tub.  The water is quite warm and there are jets but it isn’t as warm as the true hot tubs.

There are a number of hot tubs placed around the top decks.

Overall I didn’t find the pools very compelling.  They are more there as a place to cool off while sunbathing it seems.  Obviously the ship is made for adults only but it might have been fun to add a slide or something.

There is a lot of seating around the pools as well as on Deck 16 and 17 including some rentable cabanas with a view off the side of the ship.  I never saw anyone use them, but they are available for rentals.  They seemed like a waste of space but perhaps on very full sailings people would be more included to pay for them as space would be more of a premium.

There is additional seating along the promenade of Deck 7.


There is a ton of dedicated fitness areas on the Scarlet Lady.  On either side of the main pool area on Deck 15 are the gyms — one side with cardio equipment and the other with strength training.

On Deck 16 there is also the Training Camp which looks like it would be used for intense training workout classes.

On Deck 15 and 16 throughout the outdoor sections there are additional fitness areas including a boxing ring, basketball court, and dedicated running track.

Spa and Services

Down on Deck 5 is Redemption Spa.  I never went in but I understand you can pay to use their thermal spa areas (steam room, whirlpools, sauna, showers, etc).  There are also treatment rooms for massages and treatments.

On Deck 6 you’ll find the much talked about (and popular) tattoo parlor.  Next door are the salons (both men’s and women’s) and cosmetics.


Deck 6 has the “High Street” shopping areas.  I only passed through this area on my way to the restaurants.  There were two Virgin stores that had some fun souvenirs if you wanted.  There was also a convenience store if you needed some basic necessities.


On Deck 6 you will find the casino with both table games and slot machines.  It was fairly lively in the evening (the pictures are before it opened).  Note that you have to pay for all drinks in the casino.

Bars and Coffee Shop

There are a number of bars through out the ship.  The main bar is probably On The Rocks which is located at the bottom of the Roundabout.

Sips is a champagne bar that also serves afternoon tea for an additional fee.

The Loose Cannon seemed like a fun spot to hang out and get a drink.

There is also Grounds Club, the coffee shop on Deck 7.  I heard good things about the coffee.  It is an additional fee, but drip coffee is free in The Galley.


The Social Club on Deck 7 has a ton of board games as well as table games like shuffle board and foosball.

Just off of The Social Club is the arcade that has free to play, old school video games.

Nearby is also a claw game that costs $2 (cash only) per try.  If you get one of the balls, you can exchange it for a prize in the Virgin store.  My first try I got nothing but second try got a ball.  It got me a metal Virgin Voyages water bottle (that they were selling for $23).

There are also lots of Instagram photo ops like these swings on Deck 7.

While I didn’t get to explore it, there is also Richard’s Rooftop on Deck 16 for guests staying in suites.

I loved the public spaces on Scarlet Lady.  It felt like a high end resort hotel property that you would find in Vegas or Manhattan.  Lots of cool places to explore and hang out.  I can imagine even on a two week transatlantic cruise you’d find a ton of things to do.

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